Run OS X 10.3 (albeit painfully slow) on a Nokia N900!

  • January 31, 2010 8:50 pm

OS X 10.3 + Nokia N900 = All kinds of geeky smiles. I know that mobile phones are gaining power and versatility by the day, but damn! Have you ever seen such a “modern” OS running on such a mobile device? Then again, if you call a 90+ minute boot-up time “modern” or “fast”, you deserve to be drop kicked in the face.

Moving on…the heroics of this feat come from the land of Finland, by a man who goes by the name of ” Toni Nikkanen”. Actually spending the time to get all of this digital tom foolery to work tells us two things. (1) It’s either very boring up there in Finland or (2) this man just really loves his electronics. I’ll let you decide. But that’s besides the point.

Using the knowledge contained within his nerdy little head and an N900 app called “PearPC” to emulate the PowerPC evironment, Toni was able to install OS X 10.3 (Panther) onto his beloved N900. The “damn” and other implied excitement above are a bit early unfortunately as the N900 simply can’t keep up with the demands that “modern OS” requests as highlighted by the 90+ minute boot time above, resulting in slow and pretty much useless interaction with the device and OS itself in it’s current form. ‘Tis a shame.

Hopefully someone with the know how could take this proof of concept and widdle it down further into an actual usable model. Until then, enjoy the video below showing off that feature film length boot time. Hey, it may be slow and unusable, but you can’t knock the guy for tryin’, right?


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