A child’s dream: LEGO Airbus A380 controlled via touchscreen.

by Mike
Posted February 3rd, 2010 at 2:06 pm

When I was a kid, I amassed quite a collection of countless LEGO sets. I’d spend time building each set, enjoying my one-on-one time with it for a short time only to toss it into “the box”. The box was nothing more than the dumping ground for ever LEGO piece that I had. I didn’t build and forget however. While some pretty cool things were built using official LEGO projects, the best things I ever built (or have seen built by anyone for that matter) were always one-offs. A free roaming mind and massive LEGO collection is a window to the world for a geek.

For the talented minds behind the touchscreen-controlled LEGO Airbus A380, I salute you. Instead of just building a massive Airbus A380 replica, the creators also thrown in (8) Mindstorm NXT engines and (6) hitechnic servos. Basically what it means is that there is a lot of moving stuff on this thing — retractable landing gear, opening doors, moving flaps…the whole nine yards.

Rounding out the creator’s extensive eye to creativity and detail, six movie scenes that involve the inside of airplanes over the years have been recreated in this massive mashup of geekery, creativity, ingenuity, and all out amazingness.

Now that nifty little car/plane/coffee maker you made of LEGOs last month suddenly seems a lot less desirable doesn’t it?


Eurobricks > Flickr

[Thanks, Tim]

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