*The* custom Motorola DROID ROM to get: Sholes.info 2.0.1, ‘Nuff said!

by Mike
Posted February 4th, 2010 at 9:52 pm

If you’ve spent any amount of time here, you probably already know that I’m an Android junkie. In fact, I’d even say that I love the Android platform. I’m a huge tinkerer and tweaker. The beauty of Android is it is a modern tweakers dream — the customization features of Windows Mobile with added style and features that are a mash up of BlackBerry, webOS, and even the iPhone. Being such a geek at heart means I’m always checking DROID forums looking for new apps, services, ROM’s, themes, etc. Well, tonight we have a new one for ya. While a couple of weeks ago we touched on the amazing “Smoked Glass” ROM/theme from Adamz of AllDroid, tonight’s ROM is a tad more feature filled.

If you’re anywhere close to remotely serious about custom DROID ROM’s, you’ve no doubt come across the sholes.info website and sholes developers. Their first custom ROM wasn’t too bad and was actually pretty stable. More important than the stability however was there unique built in options picker when installing the ROM that allowed you to easily tweak the ROM to your liking at the time of install — greatly reducing end user involvement. Today the Sholes team kicked it up several more notches with the release of the latest sholes.info 2.0.1 ROM.

Looking at the time stamps on sholes.info shows that a good week and a half has gone by between ROM updates. To some this would be discouraging and depict a lack of interest. Such an assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The sholes team was actually hard at work creating one of and possibly best custom DROID ROM’s on the market.

Like the 1.x sholes.info ROM’s, the 2.x.x series continues with the unique installer during ROM installation. Only this time, there are even more options to comb through in order to make the ROM the best that it can be. Everything from removing stock system apps that many don’t use to adding features such as the Motorola Milestone’s multi-touch browser to even installing AdamZ’s Smoked Glass theme which now comes bundled with the sholes.info ROM’s can be controlled by the user without the need for a computer.

Speaking of that last point, the Sholesmod Updater is an ingenious little app available in the Android Market that allows you to download cusotm ROM’s over the air as well as taking care of flash new boot images and other system files. So again, while the Sholes.info team seemed to be taking a week or two off, they were actually creating the best ROM/app combo on the planet. I should know, I purchased the $5.00 donate version tonight and have been running the new 2.0.1 sholes.info ROM for a good hour and a half. I’ll certainly need a couple days to put it through it’s paces and get a better picture of the ROM’s performance.

One thing that I want to make mention of from the get-go is JiT. The N1 features JiT and is a software tweak that allows optimized UI navigation. In sholes 2.0.1, JiT is included as an option to install, though disabled by default as it is extremely buggy with several users testing out the waters saying their phone was pretty unusable. Why include it if it’s so buggy? How will these things get fixed and optimized without being tested? Hopefully upcoming releases have this little gem fixed sooner rather than later. If you’re a developer looking to get into Android, now is better than ever…

For those looking from the outside in to this world of rooting and custom ROM’s, flash new ROM’s overclocking, swapping flash images, and other geeky tasks may seem a bit daunting at first. Even more daunting and even mildly frustrating can be the fact of inevitably having to wipe the data partition from time to time, wiping out all of your settings. Of course, if you’re a smart geek, you’ve got at least half a dozen nandroid backups to pick from. In regards to various partition restores/backups, the sholes.info 2.0.1 is the easiest ROM to work with so far. I’ve generally stayed away from data restores atop new ROM, instead employing clean wipe and reinstalls. After all is said and done, the data partition preservation is but another reason to give the sholes.info 2.0.1 a try.

Flashing custom Android ROM’s isn’t hard nor is it rocket science. I’ve only been on the Android scene since November and already am what I would consider, “well versed”. If you’re on the fence, why not let sholes.info 2.0.1 be the deciding factor that kicks you off that fence and into the real world of custom DROID ROM’s?

A perfect analogy of the sholes.info ROM’s and team for current Android users on another device is sholes.info is to DROID what Cyanogen is to HTC Android devices — they’re that awesome. I’ve talked enough. It’s time for you to tweak that DROID…what are you waiting for!?

Sholes.info ROM information

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  • trevorj
    February 7, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Hello, trevorj from sholes.info here. Thanks for the article, it was a good read about us ;)

    • Mike
      February 7, 2010 at 4:12 pm

      Hey, no problem. You guys make some awesome stuff ;)

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