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Motorola “largely focused on Android for the time being”.

While the rest of the consumer world is all excited about Windows Phone 7′s announcement and revealing today, Motorola doesn’t seem to be falling into the hype just yet. If you looked at any of the event recaps, you’ll notice that when hardware partners were highlighted, long time Windows Mobile backer — Motorola — was no where to be seen. When Motorola was questioned directly on their Windows Phone 7 adoption, a Motorola spokesperson had only this to say:

We value our long-standing relationship with Microsoft across Motorola and look forward to their next generation of Windows Mobile platform software for potential integration on future mobile devices. As we have continued to focus our investment on differentiated end-user experiences, that investment at this point remains largely focused on Android.

I’m sure Motorola has at least a couple developers tinkering with Windows Phone 7 inside some cold, dark laboratory. Is their decision to stay solely Android for now a good decision? Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot — and Motorola is striking gold once again with the various Android sets they’ve been and are going to be pumping out.

A few weeks ago I would have said stay far and away from Microsoft’s mobile OS at all costs. After today’s events however, Windows Phone 7 does look mighty nice is now an honest contender in the mobile wars once again.



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