How-to: Live Wallpapers on Moto DROID running Android 2.0.1 [Update]

by Mike
Posted February 20th, 2010 at 2:18 pm

**Update: If you’ve installed the files outlined below and are having trouble with permissions and SU pop-ups, stop back by the 2.0.1 Live Wallpaper thread on Alldroid and download the new 1.1.rom.tgz file.

Like many DROID owners out there, I was pretty bummed when I saw the official release specs for Android 2.1 on the Moto DROID. Two of the biggest visual changes — Live Wallpapers & the new 3D app drawer — were cut from the list. Performance issues and “exclusivity” have been two of the more prominent theories as to the decision. As far as performance goes however, if you’re here, reading on how to install unofficial features on your DROID, chances are you at least know your way around a rooted DROID and what to do with .apk’s, custom ROMs, and all kinds of other “underground” goodness.

For well over a month now, DROID users running custom 2.1-based ROMs have installed Live Wallpapers and had generally acceptable performance with only the occasional bug or FC cropping up. However, for those wanting to stay on a more stable (and quicker) 2.0.1 ROM, Live Wallpapers were a no go. But, the tide has finally turned thanks to many talented developers who have spent the last several months ripping the Android OS apart, resulting in greatly improved functionality and versatility. With that said, it is now possible to install Live Wallpapers on OS 2.0.1. Want to know how? Continue on…

To start, why exactly haven’t Live Wallpapers been working so well on 2.0.1? Well, to keep it rather basic, Live Wallpapers rely on Launcher 2.1 and a few other 2.1 specific frameworks to fully work (ie: to display and interact, you have to have the 2.1 launcher installed). A few ROMs such as Pete’s “Bugless Beast 2.1″ in particular have done a rather good job of bringing Live Wallpapers to the DROID platform — albeit on Android 2.1. Even still, the bugginess of the 2.1 Launcher on 2.0.1 in the rest of the custom ROMs has rendered Live Wallpapers as “look but don’t touch”.

A new solution has cropped up however that is allowing easy installation of Live Wallpapers on 2.0.1. via a .rom.tgz method. Make note however that these are still a look-only approach. Of course, if you install the 2.1 Launcher, you can always make use of the touchy feely nature of LWP’s. Still interested?

**This solution is for deodexed 2.0.1 phones only!!!

For those wanting LWP’s on their DROID running 2.0.1, you’ll need one, maybe two things depending on if you want the LWP’s to be interactive or not. First:

Again, you need to be running a deodexed/rooted ROM/phone to install!!. To install, copy the Live-Wallpaper.rom.tgz file in the link above to the root of your SD card. Boot into recovery mode and select the “Install” option, navigating to the .rom.tgz method of installation. Select the Live-Wallpapers.rom.tgz and let it do it’s thing. Once it’s done, reboot and enjoy! Simple stuff, see.

Now, if you only have the older 2.0.1 style launcher with the pull tab for a drawer, you’ll need to install the 2.1 Launcher to get the fully interactive wallpapers. (**The LWP’s will still move and stuff without the 2.1 Launcher, they just won’t respond to finger inputs without said resource**). For those wanting the 2.1 Launcher:

Put the second file above somewhere on your SD card. Remount the card and browse to wherever you stored the 2.1 Launcher.apk file, select it, and hit “install”. Now when you hit the home button, you’ll be prompted to use either the older 2.0.1 “Home” homescreen or the newer 2.1 “Launcher” homescreen. Either way, you’ll now have at least moving wallpapers. Pretty sweet, huh?

For even more, and unique LiveWallpapers, search “Live Wallpapers” in the market. My personal favorite so far is “Starfield” — a sort of Star Wars-like “lightspeed” effect that looks pretty much like the image below (except of course, the little stars are moving). Awesome stuff! Go ahead and give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

**Credit to Xeudoxus for the files linked above.

[Image Source 1 ] [Image Source 2]

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