CompactFlash 5.0 and the 144 petabyte memory card.

  • February 22, 2010 1:45 pm

For flash storage buffs, the still several year out 2TB SDXC cards seem like it’s as good as it’ll get, or at the very least, the most exciting thing in flash storage. I too thought that — until five minutes ago. You see, it was then that I stumbled onto an article highlighting CompactFlash 5.0 and it’s new capacity ceiling. So, just how high will it go?

How’s 144 petabytes sound? Yes, that’s a P as in a ton. I don’t even have 1TB worth of data (yet) to store on a hard drive, let alone 144,,000 TB’s to store on a card no larger than a saltine cracker.

Data densities are obviously not quite advanced enough to tap the new capacity limits of CompactFlash 5.0. But rest assured that when it does, you and your fifty bajillion pictures will have a safe and happy home.

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