Nokia to bring Ovi Maps to other platforms, support the competition?

  • February 25, 2010 8:15 am

*Time to get the salt shakers out ladies and gents.

Have a certain “thing” for Ovi Maps but absolutely despise the overpriced (or rather average) nature of their higher end smartphone lineup? There may just be hope for you yet if Greig Williams, Nokia’s General Manager for South East Europe has his way. In response to a question lobbed by german site “Die Presse” as to whether Ovi Maps would expand to other platforms or not, Mr. Williams simply replied: “That will be the next step”. Score!

Well, score if you love Ovi Maps. Truthfully, Ovi Maps does have something going for it. The maps are stored locally which means as long as your phone has real GPS, even the lack of a cell signal shouldn’t hamper your miniaturized navigation device. Other than that, besides UI differences there really isn’t too much of a difference between Ovi Maps, Google Maps/Navigation or any other mobile navigation software out there. (You can only instruct someone how to get from point A to point B in so many ways and styles)

The only question that remains now is will Nokia charge other platforms for Ovi Maps or will they keep it free? Free would be nice and actually warranted given the fact that Google Navigation is already free (and awesome) and going global as the months progress. A fee-based scheme will pretty spell failure from the start if mass adoption is what they’re gunnin’ for.

But it’s all rumor and heresy for now. My how I love a good rumor. Think it’ll pan out?


  • Armando Agostinho

    Nokia to bring Ovi Maps to other platforms?