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No, the New Nvidia GTX 470/480 won’t really fry an egg…

Ever since we saw early specs and hands on previews (and now reviews) of the latest Nvidia cards — the GTX 470 and 480 — many were passing off hand comments that an egg could be fried on these new cards due their high operating temperature. In many circumstances, idling between 70-80 C isn’t uncommon. For a reference, my ATI CrossFire 5850 set up never goes above 50 C idling. Two different cards, two different architectures though.

Seeing as how the new Fermi cards run so hot, I really was curious if it could really fry an egg. Thankfully LegitReviews had a review sample (and carefully placed egg) to put the rumor to the test.

Does it actually cook? **Spoiler** — No. Unfortunately not. Think of how humorous/cool it would be to have a piece of computer equipment actually heat up enough to fry an egg. Looks like we’ll have to keep around those antiquated frying pans and stove a little longer…



“Smart plug” illuminates to show charge, turns off when finished.

How many ways can you really innovate with a plug, outlet, or smartphone charging accessory? It’s pretty basic stuff — electrons shuttled from one probe to another, bringing along their shocking good time. Every now and then however, someone comes along with a facepalm of an idea making us all collectively think “Why didn’t we do that?” The “lighted cable” (some name) is basic in principle though complex in how it makes me want to buy it.

Why is it so cool? If it’s lit up, your device is charging. If it’s off, your device is done (or there’s a power outage). Simple yet complex. I like it.

[Product Page: az-import ($25 USD)]

**The company is looking for a US retailer. If you’re looking to save a few pennies and earn a few in return, start the bulk orders…

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And Sony manages to destroy another piece of the gadget world: Xperia X10 will “never” receive multi-touch.

If you want to play in the big touchscreen smartphone arena these days, one crucial feature must be included — multi-touch. Even if you think it’s not that big of a deal, just look back at web archives from countless blogs over the last few months concerning the Moto DROID in particular. One of the biggest gripes was the lack of multi-touch. Clearly it’s a deciding factor.

So why then has Sony constructed a device that is 9/10 of the way there and simply gorgeous to look at with a beautifully and intuitively crafted UI such as the Xperia X10 left off such a crucial feature?

According to Sony themselves:

“It is correct that the X10 will not support multi-touch. However with the X10’s signature applications, the X10 offers an excellent user experience

The lack of multi-touch isn’t just a software issue (as it ships with Android 1.6 which lacks multi-touch API’s) but is even a hardware issue at this point. No software update can fix that.

It’s a shame really. Short of a lag here or there and no subsidized love in the US, the Xperia X10 was quite the looker. Unfortunately it now appears it will forever remain one of those “neighbor next door” kind of phones — always there tempting you yet always just out of your grasp. Except this time, the reason for the inability to finish the job is actually by choice.


How do you know when you’ve got too much money? *Tip* When your yacht relaxes on another yachts back…

Sweet mother of god. If I had all the money in the world, a yacht *may* be on my list. I say may because honestly, a massive yacht isn’t that exciting for me. To some this could be different though. To each his own. There are a select few (considering the global population as a whole) that can afford their own yacht. But what happens when you obscene amounts of money?

Your yacht gets a yacht. At 67 meters tops, these supersized yachts are larger than life itself, literally.

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BlackBerry Pearl 9105 to sport ancient T9 keyboard?

I have to give it to RIM. The last couple of years they’ve drastically increased their R&D as well as designers eye, putting out some truly awesome products. One such product was the BlackBerry Pearl of years past. It was RIM’s first (first good looking that is) candybar-size phone that more mainstream/consumer users actually wanted to use. At that time, that was a big deal for the typical corporate workhorse BlackBerry. But all good things must come to and end. As such, RIM has left that slim candybar space void of any real improvement since the 81xx device leaving many out in the cold.

Then several weeks back pictures of a new 91xx Pearl leaked, showing the world a much classier and lust-worthy Pearl. So far, both SureType and full-QWERTY keypads have been spied in these so called leaked shots. Well, add another keyboard to the list of potentials today as now a T9 keyboard also appears within this super model of a phone.

While I understand that this is a render, it’s a poor one at that. Not to mention, RIM’s bread and butter feature is amazing keyboards. Amazing the T9, from any manufacturer, is not. With as much emphasis as RIM puts on communication, I can’t see them seriously considering rolling out a dumbed down POS T9 enabled phone. But that’s my opinion. What’s yours?


There is a god : Space Invader Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Are you in love with retro games? I mean really, really in love? How often can you say you get to see or touch “your love” in every aspect of your life? For many people, their fascination is relegated to “hobby” status as life and the 9-to-5 grind consume a fair chunk of our daily rituals. But for retro gamers, a bone has been thrown in the form of salt and pepper shakers.

Not just any salt and pepper shakers but Space Invader shakers. How sweet would it be to stroll into someone’s house, plunk yourself down at their table, and then get welcomed by two of these beauts staring back at you? If it were close friends that I was on joking terms with, I’d totally take them if I could, enjoying both the joke of “where’d they go” and secretly enjoying them back in the safe confines of my own humble living quarters. How much do you love Space Invaders? Enough to let them eat with you day in and day out?

Geeky-Gadgets > LikeCool

Floppy Disk tiles — Because geeks apparently like flooring too…

While there are plenty of “eye level” home decor items that cater to the geek lifestyle, the very thing under our feet — the floor. Duh! — often gets ignored time and time again. I’ve often looked at my floor and thought how I could make it reflect my personality better. Ok, not really. But I’m sure some people have. And why not? Having some type of geeky floor layout/design is the extra icing on the cake. If a searchin’ you do go for said icing, perhaps some floppy disk tiles would suffice? Once on the bleeding edge of computers, floppies have become nothing more than a nuisance, piece of trash, joke, or some other undesirable social product. Nevertheless, if I walked into a house that had a floor of pieced together floppy disk tiles, I’d be geeked.

Unfortunately, these are only concepts at the moment. I know, you’re bummed. But hey, now that the idea is in your head, maybe you (or you over there) can get a plan in motion to bring us some floppy disk tiles. Would you use them?

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Paper money of the future makes your life easier with radiation-like glowing. Welcome to 2033.

One complaint I can see someone having with “old” paper-based money is that when in a fat stack (Gee, don’t I wish), it can be hard to easily and/or quickly see what bill is what. Then of course there is the whole thing with inconvenience and the lack of recourse if stolen — unlike plastic such as debit cards and what not. But a new concept by forward, out-of-the-box thinking Jaesik Heo has my interest in paper money *slightly* restored. The idea is simple — different glowing colors for different denominations of bills. Quick, easy, and fun to look at. On the flip side, some may point out the issue with thieves memorizing the colors and sizes of bills. An easy solution would be allowing the end user to change the colors of the bills as they see fit.

Of course, if you want such a glow now you can always walk into a nuclear contaminated area with bills in tow. Sure you’ll glow too and probably knock a good five or six decades off your lifespan, but hey, cool is cool. Besides, radiation green might even be a good color for you, no?

Consumerist > YenkoDesign > Luminous Paper Money

Nvidia showing XFX the cold shoulder over ATI business ventures?

For those who fly with team Red (ATI), the arrival of XFX in recent times was seen as a god send. More competition is always good and really, XFX makes some mean ass cards. They’ve already shown their penchant for performance with Nvidia, so adopting ATI cards as well seems like the only logical next step, right? Well, for consumers it’s a partial yes. I say partial because in their move to support and put out ATI cards, someone on the other side of the fence looks a tad jealous — Nvidia.

Within the last week, Nvidia officially launched their Fermi-based GTX 470 and 480 graphics cards. Debate all you want about price, specs, and performance. I personally found all the build up to be a little misleading as the cards themselves are merely “meh” for me. With the launch of these next gen high end cards, many suspected XFX would be right back at it with some decimating Nvidia cards kicked up a notch or two — and then XFX announced that they weren’t planning on launching any Fermi-based cards.

The speculation is already flying. Some claim that because XFX broke a long-standing Nvidia only partnership and pursued the ATI 58xx series cards, Nvidia is in turn “punishing” them by refusing XFX to release any Nvidia branded cards with Fermi architecture. The other side of the coin has XFX holding the baton of power and passing on Fermi because they feel the 58xx series from ATI “is better suited for the enthusiast marketplace”. So which is it? To be clear, XFX isn’t dropping all Nvidia support, they’re simply passing on by the Fermi-based cards in the near term.

I’ve reached out to both Nvidia and XFX for any clarification on the matter. We’ll see how that little venture goes. In the meantime, questions around why their is a lack of XFX Nvidia cards won’t go away, leaving many questioning their “loyalty”. Are you pro-Nvidia or pro-XFX? I can certainly understand having a favorite and being loyal to one brand over the other. I generally buy whomever is performing the best at that given point in time. And at this stage in the game, I feel ATi’s performance vs. power consumption vs. price is one to two steps ahead of Nvidia.

What do you think: Jealousy on Nvidia’s part or “You’re stuff is whack” by XFX?

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