Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a slight review…

  • March 3, 2010 9:20 am

I know this probably doesn’t happen often on this site, but I just wanted to throw a little post up about DICE’s new addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’m not sure if many of you out there were able to get your hands on Bad Company 1, but it most certainly was one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had.
To know a little about my gaming preference, I am almost strictly a FPS kinda guy, I do delve into some action games, stealth action games usualy, but FPS is my main love. So of course the Battlefield series is loved by me, and a lot of people out there. The first games multiplayer by far excedes the fun I had with Modern Warfare 1 and World At War, but Modern Warfare 2 was able to
bring my love back to the CoD series Multiplayer action. The 1st player campaign was iffy on all 3 of those games, and it even kinda lacked on the first Bad Company.

So going into this new Battlefield game, all I really had to think is that I already know the multiplayer play was amazing from the demo I had on xbox Live, I just wanted the single player campaign to blow a tad bit less than that of Modern Warfare 2.

I just picked this game up yesterday (as it was just released yesterday) and dove headfirst into the multiplayer. I usualy wait until the campaign is complete before doing this, but, even though the first game had a funny script, it really didn’t keep me wanting more. I have read in other places that this script is equally funny, even takes some low blows at Modern Warfare 2, which I can’t wait to hear, I really wasn’t that focused on the campaign.
I gave it a few hours of multiplayer play and I really have to say, this is going to be one amazing, pissing off the spouse, gaming adventure. This experience differs soooooo much from that of Modern Warfare. In the CoD series, you’re main objective is to just bust caps in teenagers asses, where as in the Bad Company ring, you need to do oh so much more. This game really focuses on a larger picture, instead of a quick shoot em up battle. You not only get experience points for kill streaks, you get them also healing other teammates as the Medic. Offering any type of support for your team will advance you in this game.  You’ll really want a few friends along for this ride, as the chat is highly needed while playing. If anyone is familiar with the first game in the Bad Company series, you know that cover doesn’t last long. Houses, buildings, vehicles and trees are all destructible and won’t provide a camping spot for long. So you’ll really have to watch your teammates’ backs as you try to destroy the opposite side.

All in all, even though I am only a couple hours in, I highly recommend picking this game up. Buy it new, as you’ll have free access to the new maps, if you buy used there is a cost for them. So please, at least rent this game, hit me up at in the comments and we can trade off Gamertags so we can play together.

Bad Company 2


  • Sean

    Hey, quick question. What the heck are your objectives in mulitplayer? I picked the game up last night, and so was pretty tired trying to play. I will give it another go today. I just was confused as to what I was supposed to be doing. Any advice would help. Gamertag is Iam22alltime. Later!

  • Peter Potter

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a slight review…

  • Jordan

    What exactly are you unclear about? If you have played any fps online, you know you are supposed to kill the opposing team. This follows that, yet ads on a bunch extra. The point isn’t just you kill kill kill, it is a little more squad based. Because you don’t run as fast, and because cover doesn’t last long, you really need to work with others on your side to defeat the other side. You aren’t alone, and don’t play like you are alone, as you might on the CoD series. Use your headset with others to help you, and them. You get rewarded for sooooo much in this game. If you don’t think of it as you might think of CoD, you’ll probably be able to wrap your head around it a little more.
    If you can possibly break down exactly what your missing I’ll try to answer it better. I’ll also try to hit up your gamertag next time I’m on. Not sure if I’ll be on today, but I’ll try and send you a request.

  • Jordan

    Also, that gamertag didn’t work. mine is veganjustice666