Get your x-rated text on and cover your tracks with “TigerTexts”

by Mike
Posted March 3rd, 2010 at 4:46 am

Do I condone what Tiger Woods did? No. Does that mean we can’t have a quick laugh off of a mobile app that plays off of his bad decisions? Why certainly not. Enter the realm of “TigerTexts”. First I’d like to highlight the name is brilliant, genius, funny, if even it is a bit brash. But that’s beside the point. The real focal point of this app is that texting can be done in “safety”. Safety of course meaning that anything and everything you say self destructs after a short time (60 seconds to be exact) on both the sender and receivers phones! Ya, that’s nifty. For the behind-the-scenes action, both users have to have TigerText installed so that any and all traces of your poor decisions are erased from reality.

And just to toss in there, TigerTexts founder Jeffery Evans, “TigerTexts” got it’s name BEFORE the whole Tiger Woods scandal. Hmmm, releasing an app to hide shifty conversations, slapping a cute little furry tiger on the icon, and claiming all was set in stone before such a mass publicized scandal was leaked to the world seems a little hard to believe at this point.

Benefit of the doubt?

  • Pick up TigerTexts in the App Store (iTunes Link) for free (trial) or pony up $1.49 - $2.49 per month depending on how important hiding that second third ok…those multiple lifestyles you so desperately want to keep under wraps.

You could always be hiding mom’s Christmas present, no…?

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