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Bored? The USB Ink Cartridge.

Why yes, it’s Sunday night and you’re dreading the work week that’s glaring at you ominously. While I can’t offer help to push off the work week, I can offer up a light hearted project to at least pass the time — he USB Ink Cartridge. Once again, Instructables has put together a a short and simple how-to on turning those old ink cartridges of yours into something a little more useful and lasting. Flash drives are becoming as common place as pens and pencils these days, so why not?

Thankfully, this is one of the lowest cost projects you can ever get in to. Almost everyone has a printer (or at least some old printer parts like cartridges) and at least one flash drive that they can sacrifice for the project. So cost withstanding, even time and tools are simple.

A nifty bonus is that paranoid data junkies can even modify the design to have the USB tip retract into the cartridge outright, thereby giving you the ability to remount it inside of a printer. The ultimate disguise. USB flash drive project party. This weekend. My house.


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