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RIM promises great things for BBM this week. Get’s all pushy with 3rd party apps.

Not one, but two morsels of information for BlackBerry users today are ready for your consumption. First up, BlackBerry Messenger. According to RIM, within the next few days, “exciting new things” are coming to the Canadian based platform’s “in-house” IM client. For BBM junkies, this is reason to celebrate as BBM isn’t exactly the most often updated BlackBerry app, routinely going months upon months between updates. Good stuff.

On a wider scale, RIM has also announced that push services are now open to all 3rd party applications. This is huge for the platform as it allows essentially anything and everything to sorta kinda operate much like a native BlackBerry app now that it is all instantaneous.

Getting back the BBM news above, I always like BBM when I had my BlackBerries as it was fast and effective. Eye candy and extra features wouldn’t hurt though. Anyone wanting to wager a few guesses as to what RIM’s big surprises are?

- my guesses are going towards wider multi-IM client support and/or a pretty heavily revamped UI.


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