Virus protection moves to the cloud with Immunet.


While I may run a Mac as my primary computer, I still deal with Windows machines on a daily basis. Because of that, I can never become complacent or comfortable with simply not caring about viruses. Doing so and still spending a considerable amount of time inside of the Windows environment can only end badly for not only me, but those who communicate with me as well. As we all know, much like human viruses, computer viruses can spread just as well, often taking out countless more users in the process. Taking care of these digital diseases over the years has been mainly done with desktop software. The several years however, the digital landscape has changed considerably, with many services that were once considered “desktop only” now moving to the cloud. Highlighting what I said above, how has virus protection done in the migration from local hard disk to blazing fast SSD in a server farm far far away?

Immunet is one such cloud-based virus protection “program” that is a godsend to those with little local space for large programs, don’t want the resource murdering traits of a full blown virus solution, or simply want to try something new. To start, Immunet is 100% free. That right there usually perks up a few ears. But soon thereafter, many quickly lose interest as many desktop virus programs that happen to be free never quite live up to their more expensive brethren. After using Immunet for several weeks, I can honestly say that it is better than the “free” bullet point would lead to. So how exactly did Immunet get started?

The first feature — the cloud — isn’t really new anymore. All it refers to is that something resides on a server, somewhere, far away from your computer. The second “crowd sourcing” feature is actually worth more attention as it is a really cool feature to brag about. The implementation is pretty easy to grasp — whenever an Immunet user encounters a virus, their machine sends the info and scan logs to the Immunet central servers where it is then cataloged and instantly passed on to all other users, giving them protection against that very same virus.

The benefits can quickly be seen. Now instead of having a virus start in a few select areas and spread across unprotected areas because “normal” virus software can only be updated so much, Immunet with it’s cloud based and effectively real-time crowd sourced database means you’ll never be “behind the curve”. If you want a simple image to go by, think of this: Immunet’s business model is effectively an upside down pyramid. Normal virus software downloads MB’s upon MB’s of data to your computer in the form of virus definitions. Immunet on the other hand stores everything on the server and then compares your machine against their virus database and viola!

Overall, using the service is fast and easy. It may not have the numerous windows, panes, tabs, and deep options of some of the more expensive desktop virus software, but for a simple solution (what more do you really need than to scan for viruses?), Immunet is one worth taking a hard look.

Because it’s an extremely light install ~4MB, lightening quick, and barely dips into your local machine’s resources, I have no choice but to recommend Immunet to the millions of net connected computer users out there. It is one tool that your computer shouldn’t be without. Coupled with a desktop virus software package, Immunet’s abilities and usefulness are only magnified. Hey, you can’t ever be too safe, can you?




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    RT @SpywareLady: Virus protection moves to the cloud with Immunet.

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    Virus protection moves to the cloud with Immunet.

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