No, the New Nvidia GTX 470/480 won’t really fry an egg…

Ever since we saw early specs and hands on previews (and now reviews) of the latest Nvidia cards — the GTX 470 and 480 — many were passing off hand comments that an egg could be fried on these new cards due their high operating temperature. In many circumstances, idling between 70-80 C isn’t uncommon. For a reference, my ATI CrossFire 5850 set up never goes above 50 C idling. Two different cards, two different architectures though.

Seeing as how the new Fermi cards run so hot, I really was curious if it could really fry an egg. Thankfully LegitReviews had a review sample (and carefully placed egg) to put the rumor to the test.

Does it actually cook? **Spoiler** — No. Unfortunately not. Think of how humorous/cool it would be to have a piece of computer equipment actually heat up enough to fry an egg. Looks like we’ll have to keep around those antiquated frying pans and stove a little longer…



  • rob

    Haha! Thanks for this. Made my day. So tired of folks hatin on Nvidia right now. People just find bandwagons to jump on for no other reason than to jump on one. Why does everyone always feel the need to validate their purchase by undermining the one they didn’t get? Who cares, its a circuit board.

    • unaligned

      ^ my thoughts exactly.