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Twitter for Android released! Bad: Requires Android 2.1 or above. [Update]

We knew it was coming — Twitter for Android. Well, “official” Twitter that is. From the initial looks of it and after 15 minutes of playing around with it, I give it a 3.7 out of 5 (absolutely no scientific reasoning behind that…). I mean, it seems a little plain to me. Not that I want a cluttered, heavy, slow app of course. It just seems like it’s missing something.

The features are as one would expect from your typical Android Twitter app these days: Replies, retweets, address book/camera integration, location aware, etc. etc. Will it replace Seesmic in my day to day Twitter usage? Ehhh, that’s a bit of a stretch. I’ll have to give it a little more play time before I make that decision.

The only truly terrible thing I can think of is the fact that it requires Android 2.1 or above. Ya, that sucks for pretty much…1/2 of the Android population. Sorry guys, look but don’t touch…
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Newsroom replaces paper scripts with iPads. Annual savings: $24,000

As technology becomes more autonomous and allows lesser numbers of humans to do more things, people will inevitably bitch about lost jobs. For a few people responsible for printing the paper scripts used by WFXL-TV in Albany, Ga., the bitching will be overshadowed by news anchors duking it out on iPads playing Scrabble, Slot Racing, and whatever else it is news anchors like to play in their spare time.

WFXL-TV is as I understand, the first News station to toss out paper scripts entirely and adopting the latest in technology — the iPad. Doing so, according to news station staff, will save the station upwards of $24,000 annually…
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Lala ceasing to exits May 31st. born soon thereafter?

Lala users will want to take as much streaming music in as they can these next few weeks. Today it’s been made officially known that on May 31st, the service they’ve come to know and love will cease to exist — at least as that is…
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Scientists succeed in creating “Elastic Water”.

I’m sure many of you out there played around with water and dirt in your younger years, creating some truly nice masterpieces. But no matter what you added to your masterpiece, it was still water, dirt, and some other stuff.

The dirt in Japan must be of higher quality as scientists have claimed to have succeeded in making “Elastic Water”. The ingredients — water, organic materials, and clay. There’s got to be a lot more going on behind the scenes as just with those few ingredients, I don’t see how they did it…
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Steam for Mac coming May 12th.

Like a gaming session here or there but don’t fly with the Windows crowd? No worries. Gaming on Mac, while not as “high-end” as it’s windows counterpart, has made vast strides in the last few years. On May 12th, another great stride is being made — Steam will officially be released.

If you’re not familiar with Steam, a simple explanation is this: They’re basically the iTunes of digital game sales/downloads. I myself have purchased a few games from Steam on Windows and have been overall pleased. The selection is great, downloads are fast, and re-downloads in the event of computer problems come at no extra charge.

In regards to the Mac release, any information regarding needed requirements to run the software and what games will actually be available for Mac download are unknown at this point. Good thing May 12th is only a couple of weeks away.

Any Mac users pumping the air and dancing around like an idiot at the news?


SkyFire launches “world’s first” flash-enabled mobile browser for Android. [Spoiler: It's awesome!] [Update]

…..and just like that, Fennec was beaten to the punch.

While Fennec may be the hot stuff in the media’s eye currently with pre-alpha’s jumping around, another contender need not be forgotten — SkyFire. It’s been around for quite some time to Symbian and WinMo users, though today it’s Android’s time to shine.

You may recall a leaked beta of SkyFire for Android surfacing about a week ago that was honestly kind of rough around the edges. The task of getting a public-ready version so soon is quite a surprise and caught me off guard no doubt. I was prepared to wait a solid 1-2 more months to play with SkyFire on Android. Nevertheless, what does SkyFire 2.0 for Android have to offer? Continue on…
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Textie for iPhone continues the crusade against exorbitant texting fees. [iPhone app]

Regardless of carrier, phone model, or geographic location, we consumers are literally getting raped when it comes to text message prices. It doesn’t matter whether you pay per message or for one of those fancy unlimited bundles — text messages are grossly overpriced.

There have been plenty of apps for various mobile platforms that try to work around the pay-for-SMS hurdle while also remaining free themselves and actually being worth using.

While there are a few notable mentions here or there, so far the lot of them are just lacking. That was until now…
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Steve Jobs releases fireside chat, going on the record why Flash will never come to iPhone OS.

Still helplessly holding onto any hope that Steve Jobs would relent and let Flash on the iPhone platform? Just give it up now. It’s not ever going to happen. This is of course based off of an official “Fireside chat” of sorts put out by Steve himself.

Truth be told, it’s not as vindictive and cut throat as I thought a letter concerning such a matter would be. It is very straight to the point, bulleted list type of affair laying out how it’s going to be. If you’ve got a few (it’s long), please hang by a bit longer and give Steve’s response to the Adobe/Apple drama a through reading. It’s kinda of weird though, hearing Steve Jobs — leader of one of the most closed and proprietary companies — pushing for more open web standards. Oh well. It’s interesting none the less.

Get out your popcorn folks and stroll on in…
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Nanny state principle: “Parents, help me ban your kids from social networking…spy on all texts”.

It really sickens me how much this country is becoming a nanny state. From surveillance cameras popping up everywhere to bullshit laws and rules that stand in stark contrast to basic liberties and freedoms.

Today, we’re looking at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Bergen County, New Jersey. It seems the principle there has a bit of a fear (and inability to grasp how fundamentally important) concerning the internet, by sending out a letter to all parents asking them to help him kick their kids off of social networking sites and hawk over every single text message they send and receive.

Just how sick and short sighted is the principal, Anthony Orsini? Have a look for yourself…
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