European gamer cites the law, receives partial refund for Sony’s self inflicted PS3 neutering.


It isn’t often that we here of the little guy, the consumer, the real victim in the great corporate sandbox getting what is dully theres. When Sony removed the other OS feature from the PS3 with the recent 3.21 update, a fair share of geeks around the globe were pretty upset. Granted, a “fair share of geeks” is quite small considering the overall global population. But it doesn’t really matter how many people actually used the feature. The point is, Sony lied and senselessly removed a feature that didn’t have to be removed. Here in the US we’ve got nothin’. We can choose to not upgrade but then that makes the PS3 even more useless, cutting off online access entirely.

For EU gamers it’s another story however. One distraught gamer by the name of ” Iapetus” from NeoGAF Forum actually notified Amazon and demanded a refund as his PS3 was no longer operating as it was marketed the day he purchased it. Specifically, he cited these two clauses in Directive 1999/44/EC:

“The goods must:

  • comply with the description given by the seller and posses the same qualities and characteristics as other similar goods
  • be fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.”

Shocker: Amazon complied — partially. While Iapetus didn’t get his full dollar amount back, he ended up getting a solid 20% returned after citing EU law. That 20% by the way ended up totaling £84.00! I’d say he made out pretty well, wouldn’t you? Below is the reply and receipt from Amazon…

We are writing to confirm that we have processed your refund in the amount of £84.00 for your Order 666-5327564-4432412.
Item Refund: £71.49
Item Tax Refund: £12.51
This refund is for the following item(s):
Item: Sony PlayStation 3 Console (60GB Premium Version)
Quantity: 1
ASIN: B0007SV734
Reason for refund: Account adjustment
The following is the breakdown of your refund for this item:

With this persons success, we’ll have to wait and see if other EU dwellers follow suit and seek monetary compensation as well. Doing so could awaken a bloody battle however between consumer and stifling corporate body. I’m sure Sony has plenty of loops holes to slip through and an equal amount of paid for lobbyists holding parliament seats.

Here in the US, again, we haven’t got the slightest chance for any consumer retaliation. If anything, class action rings in the back of my head. But I fear it’s more a dream than reality.

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  1. joe says:

    I actually used yellowdog Linux on my ps3 as my main computer. This really pisses me off.

  2. European gamer cites the law, receives partial refund for Sony's …

  3. John Kerr says:

    I’m fighting John Lewis for compensation just now:

  4. X says:

    RT @gamingpro101: European gamer cites the law, receives partial refund for Sony's self …: One distraught gamer by the name of ” I…

  5. Jeremy Adams says:

    European gamer cites the law, receives partial refund for Sony's self …: One distraught gamer by the name of ” I…

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