“Apple is killing our business” Adobe admits more or less…

  • April 9, 2010 2:02 pm

It’s no secret to the tech world that relations between Apple and Adobe are less than stellar. Adobe wants Flash to be the backbone of all rich media everywhere. Apple on the other hand thinks it’s a waste of time, resource hog, and outdated. So which is it? I personally feel Flash still has it’s place here and there. But for a fair chunk of more “mainstream media” (things such as general web browsing, images, online video, etc.) could be moved over to the much more efficient and universal HTML5.

In a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Adobe pretty much came out and said that “Apple is killing their business” with it’s extremely publicized crusade against Flash — of course, not every word is a direct quote. Even though it seems like the whole Apple/Adobe HTML5/Flash thing concerns a small market, the truth is that as the iPhone OS becomes more prevalent in current and future devices, Adobe could run into a serious issue here.

I want to stay neutral on the matter honestly, but Adobe’s phrasing of their statements puts them in an odd light. To me, it seems more like they’re whining about Flash’s shortcomings, giving off an image that they’re unwilling or unable to adapt to the more mobile nature of today’s gadget-centric user base. Almost as if they’re setting themselves up for a bailout of sorts when they fail to adapt to a changing market, later on realizing their folly in it’s entirety.

What do you think? Is Apple getting political here or is Adobe playing the victim card too hard?


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  • San

    Man, you have a lack of education here and are angling for a job with apple. Adobe has adapted to the mobile space - so well that it is a dominant developer tool for the old iphone. Yesterday, apple said they would not accept apps (successfully made in the past) made from Adobe tools. Who is the whiner here? When Adobe succeeds on a fair, open, competitive field, apple still wants to throw them out of being able to sell tools. That's like apple telling you you can't use a particular text editor to make this blog. You have to buy from apple. It's a Nazi move.

    • Mike

      I think I've got a pretty good grasp actually. Both sides of their respective arguments. And, I never once said Apple wasn't a whiner. Quite the contrary — I think they're a little bitch for going to such extreme measures, putting a lot of devs out in the dark. As far as Adobe is concerned however, yes, they have made some advancements in the mobile sphere pertaining to flash and rich media. But let's see, flash on mobile devices has been a big goal for Adobe and developers alike since…hmm…at least 2005.

      What the the hell have they been doing the last 5 years that they still can't get flash to run effectively/efficiently/not destroy your battery on 2010 technology? That's where I'm getting the "they're whining instead of innovating" part, because frankly, they are. There is absolutely no reason a solid 4-6 years into the meat of the mobile market that Adobe still can't get flash to run smoothly on mobile devices.