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Lamborghini-branded Asus VX6 to bring relevance to netbooks?

I’ve never been a fan of netbooks. I find them underpowered useless pieces of junk. Likewise, “special edition” gadgets branded with some expensive logo also irk me. Usually it’s because those big name logos often forget to include any real hardware muscle. One such laptop/netbook that was affected by this was the Lamborghini-branded line of devices.

The new Asus VX6 is still a “Lambo” netbook, but has a bit more power under the hood and a funky new keyboard design to boot. Is it enough? The specs…
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Carbon Backpack reeks of modern, nerdy goodness.

Being the young, college living whipper snapper that I am, I’ve seen my fair share of backpacks. From mp3 players to laptops to…plain ‘ol books. Backpacks are a mandatory necessity. Though no matter the pattern, brand, or fabric, I’ve never been “wowed” be a simple bag that I strap to my back.

And then I gazed upon the Carbon Fiber backpack…
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Commodore USA readying Eee PC Keyboard slayer?

Gone are the days of the Commodore’s reign in the gaming world. Or is it? A new rumor circulating this fine Memorial Day pegs claimed Commodore USA rights holder, Barry Altman, has a new trick up his sleeve in the form Eee PC Keyboard rival.

I say claimed as Commodore Gaming has gone on the record to say that Barry Altman is basically full of crap when it comes to “his rights”. Not that Commodore Gaming has done anything interesting in the last decade anyway…

This rumored device doesn’t have a distinctive name, spec sheet, price, or release date other than a few rather standard features — Intel Atom processor, wireless HDMI, NVIDIA ION chipset, and five hours of battery life. Looks pretty neat.

Will the red tape kill another?
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sn0wbreeze 1.6 has it’s way with iPhone 4.0 and your 2nd-gen iPod Touch

The general way an iPhone/iPod Touch update works is that you simply don’t upgrade right away — if you care about jailbreaking/unlocking that is. But iPhone 4.0 will be a different story thanks to “iH8sn0w” who’s apparently been hard at work since early April on cracking Apple’s latest beast.

The resulting success comes by way of sn0wbreeze 1.6 which iH8sn0w claims will easily jailbreak the iPhone 4.0 software on your 2nd-gen iPod Touch. Another version of sn0wbreeze which will also will include the 1st-gen Touch is said to be in the works. Look for the final release to drop sometime after Apple gives the rest of us a taste of 4.0.

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Free speech falters, Facebook removes “Draw Mohammed” page…

There’s not a whole lot to discuss here. Namely, Facebook bent over backwards to an extreme minority. In response to both Pakistan and Bangladesh banning Facebook country-wide, Facebook officials went out of their way, assuring the Pakistani government that “it” would never happen again.

A small part of our freedoms here in the States was destroyed yet again. It’s sad really. Apparently free speech doesn’t mean the same thing it used to…

Anyone else getting sick and tired of social networking sites bending to specially accommodate various extremist groups?

Mario finally saves Peach, forever… Koopa RIP

Yes, horrible news people… Dennis Hopper, the amazingness behind the live action Super Mario Bros movie’s adaptation of Koopa is dead at age 71. He is no more, among all the voice overs he has done for video games, the tons and tons of movies he was in, him playing the beloved Princess nappin Koopa, is no more. This is sad news, and all nerds out there will definitely want to keep his family in their thoughts.

If any of you out there haven’t seen this movie, go rent it/buy it/don’t download this one, please and support this great movie and this amazing actor.

Dennis Hopper RIP

Ferdinand Porsche GTR3 “Pedal-Powered” Edition…

Oooo la la, a Porsche. Hold your horses folks. Looking past the garish blingity bling gold wrapping, you’re left wondering who the hell would destroy an exotic car as expensive as the GTR3. But looks can be deceiving as you are actually looking at the world’s slowest Porsche. It’s not because the engine is too small, lacking displacement or refinement. In actuality, the “engine” is quite crude. Nothing but a few pedals and sheer human determination. Have a laugh after taking the plunge…

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You can’t outrun it — LTE tested and working at 430km/h (267 mph)

Just in case you ever find yourself running from the law, thieving a bullet train/dragster, and trying to call home over an LTE network, rest assured that your call will go through loud and clear. Technically speaking, the LTE spec has a theoretical maximum operating speed 350km/h (217 mph). Huawei put those numbers to the test however during a recent maglev train ride between Shanghai and Shanghai Airport.

Even at a blistering 430km/h, things such as doppler effect, cell tower handoff, and fading apparently weren’t enough to slow down the LTE signal, with throughput still chuggin’ along fast and strong.

Few of us will be moving that fast on a consistent basis. Still, it’s nice to know that in the event we are haulin’, we can rely on LTE to get our calls across.
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How about some Mario Kart Wii in that above ground pool???

Yup, you heard that right… CTG has released the biggest and most bad assest(est?) Wii accessory yet… The Wii Go Kart Kart Kart, etc… This most amazingest Wii attachment is probably the coolest thing to ever grace my living room floor, or my pool, or the driveway. This $40 attachment inflates to a beautiful gokart with a WiiRemote slot in the steering wheel for you to play Mario Kart Wii, or any other racing game you might fancy…

CTA Digital, a company that has tons and tons of console accessories, has probably created one of the most amazing / (slash) awesome / (slash) crazy attachments to date… All I know is that I want one of these, and at a $40 price point, I see no reason to not have one just sitting in front of my tv.