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iPod widget (and more?) coming to iPhone OS 4.0. Latest beta 3 leaks the dirty details.

by Mike
Posted May 4th, 2010 at 5:23 pm

One of the biggest complaints people had after seeing OS 4.0 shown off back in March was the fact that it lacked any support for widgets or mini programs/tasks. To some, it doesn’t matter as they don’t see the point of widgets. I mean, if you really want to interact or observe something, why not just open the app, right? Well, some people (such as I) like to options and all kinds of information/tools at our finger tips. Enter the land of the widget.

In today’s release of iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3, that one crucial feature has been added in the form of an iPod widget. The iPod widget isn’t continually visible. Instead, flicking left while on the leftmost homescreen will bring up a bar of icons and buttons in the bottom dock location (from left to right): Screen orientation lock, playback controls, iPod icon to launch app. Essentially Apple has replaced the double-tap > playback control action that was on previous OS versions and moved it to this little widget.

It’s good that Apple is listening to customers and entering the widgets scene on the iPhone platform. I’m just disappointed it took so long. They’ve been rockin’ it on OS X with Dashboard for several years now. So the iPhone’s delinquency is a bit puzzling to say the least. One thing I can’t help but notice however is how “tacked on” the widget looks. I mean, the two traditional iPhone-style icons and then three very normal, non-iPhone style icons clash like a hunter at a PETA rally. It just doesn’t work for me. But that’s why they call these things betas, right!

What do you guys think? Can Apple improve upon this current design and style?

Another interesting thing to ponder tonight is what (if any) other widgets will Apple conjure up, and how long until 3rd party devs can make their own widgets?


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