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Stick it to the man: Data-only plan on your iPhone.

What would you say is the biggest “must-have” feature for the iPhone service wise? To some, it’s video calling. Others would prefer cheaper rates or tethering. While some still would argue a data-only plan. It makes sense. I personally hate talking on the phone. So a cheaper data-only plan would be amazing for someone such as myself. But here in the U.S., AT&T won’t even think of such things. So what do you do?

Simple: Get an iPad data plan and mod the micro-SIM so that it fits in your iPhone. Viola! A data-only plan for your iPhone…

Unfortunately, due to AT&T’s extreme paranoia over people gaming the system and the popularity of jailbreaking, illicit tethering, and other awful things of evil, AT&T performs fairly regular network sweeps to make sure the cell/data plan and device match up. Since that isn’t the case here with this modding hackery, don’t expect it to work forever.

But at least we can live in the moment of sweet, sweet victory. Anyone tried it yet?

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