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Dupont breakthrough promises 50″ OLED for the price of 52″ LCD!

Any type of HD guru will tell you that OLED is the promising future. Granted, OLED still has some issues with direct light. But in a nice dark theater room, an OLED truly sings. The only limiting factor so far has been a sort of “chicken or the egg” conundrum.

For example, Sony’s 11″ OLED TV costs consumers $3,499. Who’s going to spend that much on such a small TV? And Sony likewise can’t lower the price simple because of the lack of mass production. So what do you do?

A recent breakthrough at Dupont appears to have paved the way for much cheaper and large OLED production…

Sony’s old OLED production methods needed roughly 30 minutes to print a single 11″ OLED material from which it was applied to the display device. Dupont’s new technology however decreases that time limit to 2 minutes and ups the size considerably to 50″!

How did they do it? With the help of Dupont’s own Gen 3 OLED material and Drylox’s Cover Glass combined with Dainippon Screen (whom will produce the manufacturing equpiment), Dupont and friends can claim fame to ushering in the era of mass produced OLED’s.

The final piece to the OLED puzzle besides price and size was life expectancy. Earlier version of the tech suffered from horrendous single-digit estimated life. But the trio mentioned above have managed to also ramp up that number as well. The OLED’s of the near future will now last a solid 15 years. In case you’re counting, that’s longer than plasma and LCD too.

After seeing a few quad-HD LCD’s at CES this year, I can only dream of what quad-HD+ OLED TV’s will bring to CES 2011. My heart longs for such things…

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