Google Power Meter software and Current Cost hardware tag team the UK.

  • May 27, 2010 12:00 pm

I’m far from what you’d call your typical “tree hugger”. Though I certainly to care about my energy bill and how the army of gadgets I have lays siege to my outlets while I’m away. I currently don’t use any type of monitoring hardware or software. But after seeing the Current Cost + Google Power Meter duo, I’m seriously re-thinking my decision of going it alone. With the Current Cost energy meter in place, I could track my energy usage and post it — In real time! — online with Google Power Meter.

If I lived in the UK that is…

The magic is made possible by UK-based Current Cost EnviR device that attaches to your electric meter isn’t anything too fancy — nothing but a display full of meters. But it’s when you tie that device to Google’s online Power Meter service that the true value shines through. Not only can you simply track energy usage, but sift through complex graphs of past months as well as zeroing down on those “leaky” gadgets and projecting what future electric bills will be.

It’s a very sweet set up that I find myself wishing I lived in a land across the pond. The same technology could be used here of course and in reality, probably is already possible with a U.S.-based hardware meter. But for now, it’s the UK’s tag teaming, electrical monitoring duo that’s got me.

Any UK readers doing this now?



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    Google Power Meter software and Current Cost hardware tag team the UK. Read more at :

  • Robin

    The Envi is available in North America through
    The US version can connect to Google PowerMeter as well.

  • Mike