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Update: LevelUp Studios releases “Beautiful Live Wallpaper” for Android phones.

As I was sifting through the growing pile of apps that is becoming the Android Market, I stumbled upon one exciting newcomer. For those of you familiar with Beautiful Widgets (the original HTC Sense widget look-alike), you’re going to love Beautiful Live Wallpaper. Building off the newer, redesigned widgets, Beautiful Live Widgets brings all the slick looking weather goodness directly to your home screen by way of live wallpapers.

As a stand alone, the BLW will show you day and night screens with the sun and moon moving as they do in the real world. But download Beautiful Widgets too, and you’ll get a team of weather aware applications that truly sing in unison, as pairing BLW with Beautiful Widgets will also display the current weather on the homescreen.

It’s an early build. As such, it can get pretty laggy at times (this coming from a 800MHz OC’d Droid) and the battery drain can be pretty rough. But stick with it. LevelUp Studios is quick to update, especially over the last couple of weeks. I think I’ve counted no less than 5 separate updates for Beautiful Widgets alone.

This is one app/LW you definitely need to try. Any Android users out there care to share?

**Note: Beautiful Live Wallpaper does not currently work on the Eris, Hero, or Moment.

Update: If you were wanting to get rid of that double icon effect — widget icon and LWP icon — download this skin for Beautiful Widgets: Beautiful Widgets “None” Weather Skin.

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