Telus fails to understand the internet and hates customers — Enacts 5GB cap on iPad data plans.

  • June 1, 2010 10:58 am

Am I being a bit harsh when calling out Telus for slysly enacting a 5GB cap on their iPad data plan? Ya, probably. But I know I’m not the first person to get the shaft by wireless carriers, so my anger and frustration is well warranted. Besides, what the hell are you going to to with five measly gigabytes of data spanned over the course of 30-31 days? Answer: Not much…

A good hour chunk of some YouTube action and more data intense apps/games means you’ll hit your limit in no time. Just in time for Telus to either knock you with even more ridiculous overage fees or cut off your data access altogether. And this is all for the sky high price of $50 — $15 more expensive than competing iPad carriers Rogers and Bell whom offer the same 5GB plan, but at a much more reasonable $35/month.

What is it with Canadian wireless carriers fucking over customers with everything from data plan prices/caps to contract term lengths? While Rogers’ and Bell’s plans are much cheaper for their 5GB offerings, these carriers need to stop marketing and/or carrying data-intensive hardware if they’re going to neuter it so bad.

The moral of the story is: If you want a 3G iPad, DO NOT get one on Telus.



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  • Steven

    As an iPhone owner that relies heavily upon Wi-Fi when I use data (mostly at home and work), I don’t use more than 150 MB of data a month.

    You’re assuming everyone wants to gouge their data - this plan will work for a lot of consumers like me.

  • Steven

    (by 150 MB of data, I mean network / non-Wi-Fi data)

  • Mike

    Wow, do you use email/web at all? When I had my contract with AT&T, I went one month without using apps, YouTube or any other heavy data app and instead utilized just email and basic web sites. After a week alone I was up to ~220MB.

    But that above is on a phone. The iPad is not a phone and in fact being marketed more-so as a web device. All of those pretty apps are very data intensive. Weather/GPS I see up front as being the biggest culprit. This is of course a moot point on the WiFi-only iPad.

  • Steven

    My coworker is a heavy user by any standard and since they’ve had their 3GS (November ’09), they’ve used a total of 13 GB (of network data) and this includes downloading full movies once and a while, streaming SPCentral, all that stupid stuff, and syncing 7 e-mail addresses.

  • Mike

    That’s more like it. Still, on an iPad I would be more apt to doing data intensive things with that bigger display. Whereas an iPhone is too small to waste hours doing data intensive things (personal opinion), the iPad’s size means I will think twice before firing up my laptop or desktop thereby consuming even more data. Hence the lethargic viewpoint on the 5GB cap.

  • Steve Bobs

    I hate Crapple. Steve Jobs blows donkeys.

  • Mike