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The future of motherboards? ASUS crams ATI 5770 onto motherboard for their version of “integrated graphics”.

Talk to any self respecting PC builder/Gamer and mention the word “integrated graphics”. What you’ll unanimously get is a barking laugh back in your face. As computer junkies will tell you, integrated graphics are useless on desktop PC’s as they can barely power Windows’ visual effects, let alone games.

But what if “integrated graphics” were made to use traditional “discrete” GPU’s? ASUS asked that very same question and came up with this…

At this years Computex (yes — Computex again), ASUS took the wraps off of a prototype motherboard that featured onboard graphics. But not just any plane jane onboard graphics mind you. Their idea of “integrated graphics” means taking a discrete ATI 5770 GPU and cramming it onto the motherboard, easily one upping any and all current integrated solutions.

Further sweetening the deal, HYDRA support, SLI and CrossFireX all come standard so you can mix and match any other discrete card you’d like.

It’s a novel concept and one that would be beneficial to pc builders who don’t update motherboards and/or GPU’s often. But for the rest of us, how much is it really worth? I mean, one that GPU is in the motherboard, it’s stuck. There’s no ripping it out and replacing it like a standard PCI GPU.

For that reason alone, I think I’ll stick with stand alone cards. Though I can’t help but be intrigued. Any PC builders/gamers care to weigh in?

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