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[Update] And it gets worse: AT&T is not going to allow iPhone-to-iPad tethering. Apple influencing decision?

by Mike
Posted June 3rd, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Sweet Jesus. Just when I thought AT&T couldn’t be any more ridiculous, more absurd, more asinine; they go and do something like announcing that iPhone-to-iPad tethering will not be allowed. After a TechFlash reader by the name of Steve Ruebel brought up the topic of tethering an iPad to an iPhone, an AT&T spokesperson replied to TechFlash directly by email after seeing the comment and receiving similar emails from TechFlash themselves stating that it was in fact true.

The reason the AT&T spokesperson gave was that the iPad does not have a USB port (duh!) and therefore can’t do wired tethering. While it’s very true that the iPad has bluetooth capabilities, the profile needed for wireless tethering is disabled. This fact is highlighted by another TechFlash commenter here. Awesome. Now commonplace AT&T behavior. No more. No less…

It all comes back to greed. By restricting iPhone-to-iPad tethering, AT&T is forcing you to pay for a separate iPad data plan in addition to your iPhone plan. In AT&T’s defense (and there’s very little defense here), under their new DataPlus/DataPro plans, users could end up saving money with separate plans if they pay for two separate $15/200MB plans. It also could be partly motivated by Apple not wanting a (finally) available AT&T tethering package to affect WiFi-only iPad sales.

But why does it matter what people tether to their iPhones? If I want to give AT&T $20 extra per month to tether my WiFi iPad to my iPhone then fuck off. Shady business practices are now a staple feature of AT&T’s business. And now we have another reason to avoid them.

This can all of course be avoided and circumvented if you take 30 seconds to jailbreak your iPad/iPhone and go along on your merry way.

I’ve shot an email over to AT&T for confirmation, so hold tight. Will update accordingly.


Just got word back from AT&T that the above is not correct. So now it’s off to Apple’s inbox. Keep holding…

Update 2:

So far nothing from Apple. Guess they don’t care. Though more people are getting confirmation from AT&T employees that it is in fact true. The tale continues…


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