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Twitter set to make big changes to short links, hyperlinks, and character count.

If there was thing that always bugged me about Twitter, it was that damn 140-character limit. Yeah, I totally get the point of short and to the point messages, but when trying to share information via hyperlinks, most if not all of many tweets would have their character allotment accounted for before the user could even get in a few letters. Not anymore! Twitter is changing the way links count towards character limit. But that’s not all…

On that same note, — the current URL shortener of choice — will be replaced by Tying ing with the info above, will show full links instead of the glyph-like short links we’ve all come to know. Now before you get all bent out of shape by the horror of bajillion-letter long links, take comfort in knowing that links will only show the first 20 characters of full links. And as previously mentioned, new wrapped links won’t count towards you’re already meager 140-character limit. Super!

For whom it may concern, links will also pull double duty by getting roped into promoted tweets which will ensure targeted advertising.

It’s all still early in the making, so some of the finer grain details still need to be worked out, namely that length. But overall, the biggest improvements I see are the removal of obscurity behind shortened links as well as an added convenience of “more telling” shortened links. The revelation that links no longer count towards the already meager 140-character limit is a god-send.

Anyone liking the proposed changes?

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