Chrome OS to support “legacy” desktop apps?

  • June 11, 2010 9:57 am

One of the big things about Chrome OS is that it is entirely web-based. It’s a novel idea that is certainly a minority in the traditional PC market. While world travelers and mobile hipsters may find the Chrome OS everything they needed and nothing more, I’ve seen some chatter that power users may feel that Chrome OS as it’s been shown so far, is a tad limiting.

But there may be hope. According to a Google employee, Gary Ka?mar?ík, native desktop applications/legacy apps will be supported in Chrome OS through a process called (unofficially official) “Chromoting”. Apparently, Chromoting is being described as a sort of Desktop Remote Connection service. So far, when pressed further neither Ka?mar?ík or Google would comment further.

It’s all pretty interesting stuff. The shroud of mystery ensues that plenty of geeks will go into the weekend pondering away all there is to ponder about Chrome OS. Of course, there’s also those who think Chrome OS is a waste of time. Where to you sit?


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