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DOA: BestBuy to launch “@Gamer” magazine…

Let’s see, in the age of digital distribution, where newspapers and magazines are dying all around, BestBuy is taking it upon themselves to launch an “all new” magazine dubbed “@gamer”. Is it DOA?

To be fair, @gamer is said to offer subscribers (more on that in a moment) both insightful editorial content and savings to BestBuy stores. As far as editorial content goes, the best 30-40 hardware and software items in the gaming scene wil be covered in each issue. Furthermore, each issue of @gamer will feature roughly $20 of redeemable coupons readers can cash in at local BestBuy stores. Sounds pretty nifty, right?

That is unless you expect @gamer to be a free service. Now, I understand the world can’t operate for free. As such, @gamer won’t be either. The cost will go as follows: 10 issues for $19.99 or a $5.99/issue in-store. The coupons are somewhat of a nice gimme, but enough to get me to pay for a magazine of month old content when I can simply hop online (a month prior) and read the same thing for free? No thanks.

Joystiq > Press Release

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