The UK gets it: iPhone 4 sold unlocked directly from Apple

Fancy an iPhone 4 but don’t want to deal with ridiculous policies and shoddy service offered by the nations most reliable network AT&T? You pretty much out of luck in the land of stars and stripes. But, if you can find a friend or family member who lives in the UK to do the dirty purchasing deed for you, it would be worth your while. Apple is selling iPhone 4 hardware unlocked straight from the factory for UK customers. The only requirement is that you have a carrier that supports micro-SIMs — the iPhone’s new SIM card of choice.

Granted, the up front costs of £499 (16GB) and £599 (32GB) are a bit much to swallow at first. But then you soon come to realize you’re not bound by the nuts via you carrier of choice. Time to make friends, huh?


  • strongfist

    Hey! the iPhone 4 is finally here…or is it?
    According to this article at AT&T has the options to pre order but the iPhone 4 isn’t there yet…its really confusing but go check the link out to keep updated.