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Want a white iPhone 4 early? Proceed with caution (and $229)

If waiting for the iPhone 4 is killing you and there’s no hope in waiting, take matters into your own hands. This black-to-white iPhone 4 kit does just that. Normally I wouldn’t even blink at such offerings. Stickers and cases are a dime a dozen these days. But what’s surprising and literally choke inducing is the price — a staggering $229. Either those are some high quality parts or it’s the most blatant scam I’ve ever seen. While you recover from reeling back and smacking your head on the floor, focus on what your $229 gets you…

* 1 x iPhone 4 Retina Display
* 1 x White iPhone 4 Front Panel
* 1 x White iPhone 4 Back Cover
* 1 x White iPhone 4 Home Button
* 1 x White iPhone 4 Digitizer (enables touch function)
* 1 x White iPhone 4 Front Panel Support Frame

One of the more glaring problems up front is that the parts aren’t confirmed as genuine. Then again, for $229 and no assurances, I’m pretty sure few are going to take the plunge anyway. Is a white iPhone 4 that important to you…?
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Spotify counters, claims to still be on target for late 2010.

Yesterday we heard via a Bloomberg report that negotiations between Spotify and major music labels had broken down, causing a wave of sadness to wash over me and I’m sure countless others. Today, however, in response to those allegations, Spotify confirmed to The Telegraph that they are in fact still on course for a late-2010 release and that yesterday’s assertions hinting that plans were going south were “without substance”. Furthermore, the Spotify spokesperson whom spoke with The Telegraph also reasserts that once Spotify does launch in the US, it will follow the same freemium model that Europeans currently enjoy — Users can use an ad-supported web-based Spotify for free, or pay for ad-free web service and mobile access.

It’s all music to my ears as writing off Spotify was definitely one of the sadder moments in recent memory. But nothing is set in stone until I can go to without having to route through a VPN. Until then, it’s wishful thinking, crossed fingers, and plenty of VPN tom foolery.
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Corsair close to releasing H50 replacement. H70 entry level water cooling kit coming August 1st?

Hard core water cooling enthusiasts may discount the current Corsair H50 water cooling kit. But after using one personally (on a 4.1GHz overclocked Core i7 940 no less), I must say I actually like it a lot. Besides not wanting to have 1-2lbs of metal hanging over my delicate hardware, I need something that has some serious cooling power. To this effect, I’ve been more than happy with the H50′s ability to cool my i7 thus far. Although, I did replace the stock fan with two Scythe 3000 RPM fans in a push/pull config. Nevertheless, the H50 is an awesome CPU cooler designed for those who want a small, lightweight package.

With the lengthy and wordy intro past us, I’m excited to show you the next iteration — the H70. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that it doesn’t really look all that different save for a considerably thinner CPU plate. But more eagle eyed readers will notice the radiator is a tad thicker. Beyond that, the new Corsair H70 is also said to have a dramatically higher FPI (fins per inch) meaning considerably more cooling capacity in a slightly larger heatsink. Ok, so it’s thicker and more dense, but how much is it going to cost ya? Continue on…
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Samsung makes Galaxy S promises for “late September”.

You may recall Samsung having a bit of a customer backlash on their hands several months back after they backed out of plans to push out future updates to the Samsung Behold II. It was a dick move for sure, and one that left a bad taste in many Samsung users’ mouths. But there’s always time for a second chance, right?

Sammy’s latest hit, the Galaxy S, has seen a version go to (or is going to soon) version each of the 4 major US wireless carriers. In terms of getting your name and product out there, a mass assault on the big 4 is definitely the way to go. Though one question has rung loud since the Galaxy S was announced — when will it (the variants) get the Froyo update? Again, going by past experiences, this is a very important and hot button issue. Thankfully for Galaxy S users, it appears Samsung has you covered.

A tweet issued by Samsung UK has come forward and stated that the team is working hard on it, aiming for a late September release for all. So there ya go. Give it a couple of months Galaxy S users. There is hope after all. Let’s just hope their “late september” claim doesn’t turn into a Behold II drama all over again…
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First LTE phone approved by FCC. Specs still a mystery.

4G seekers, today we are one step closer to pocketable 4G phones. The FCC has just passed the first such device through their hallowed walls. Operating on the MetroPCS 1700/1900 bands, the Samsung r900 will be the sole LTE handset on the market later this year *fingers crossed* and also feature WiFi and Bluetooth among other things. Unfortunately, for now there aren’t any other specs to wrap our heads around. But seeing as how it will be the first LTE handset, I’d wager that some other pretty high end features will ship standard as well. The sad part will be the wait, but a wait that will be oh so worth it…
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Temp Monitor 3.0 released! [Android Apps]

Android root users and overclocking enthusiasts rejoice! Temp Monitor 3.0 is here. Besides the shiny new number, a slew of new features have been added. It’s easily one of the must-have Android apps as among other things, several very handy widgets are included. But there’s a lot more. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get right to it…
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Space Invader Couch touches down.

Nothing says geek like a gigantic Space Invaders couch sitting front and center in your living room. Not only that, but this geeky piece of gaming culture actually looks really damn slick as well. Form and function all in one package — nice! Too bad it’s just a concept. Hopefully the designer gets this project in motion, because I want like ten of these things…

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German-made Ewee-pt is a Segway on a diet. (Germans do it better?)

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Segway. While the basic design is many years old now, I still find myself wanting one more than ever, despite the fact I can’t afford the $5,000+ pricetag. But even in my *almost* blind nerdy love, I can still easily see the Segway’s faults. Most obvious to the average eye is the Segway’s size and weight. It’s huge! That’s where the Ewee-pt strikes a new chord.

Designed and built in Germany, the Ewee-pt plays off the Segway’s basic concept, but gives it a much needed diet. First and foremost, the Ewee-pt is half the width and half the weight of a Segway. Along that same note, the unit is much lower to the ground, holding the riders a solid foot lower in height. Coupled with re-worked controls, the Ewee-pt is all around much easier to ride on and maneuver once finished.

But nothing is more telling or enticing than the price. While the Segway still easily sails north of $5k, the Ewee-pt can be had for €799 ($1050) — a quarter of the Segway. So it’s smaller, lighter, easier to use, and cheaper. Segway…you’re in trouble.

If you want to see the Ewee-pt taken for a spin, hop on in…
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Ugh, Droid 2 coming stuffed with plenty of VZW bloatware.

You know what sucks — great phones being stuffed to the earpiece with crap apps. No, it’s nothing new. But it’s yet another chapter in the Droid 2 saga that is quickly turning me off. The Droid 1 was great because it was a Google branded device meaning their were strict rules in place. No skins. No crap apps. All seriousness. But the Droid 2 sheds that Google branding as it picks up a shoddy BLUR UI and a slew of apps that are trial based or cost outright. As we’ve said before, carrier-branded apps are junk. There are generally cheaper and more fully featured options from the app store of each respective platform. Coupled with the locked down bootloader, the Droid 2 is looking less and less stellar as time goes by.

At least as far as bloatware is concerned, once the D2 gets rooted and users gain system file access, we can at least remove them from the device.

Small issues aside, is anyone still as excited about the Droid 1 refresh?

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