The flashlight of nerds: The LEGO Dynamo Torch


Having a flashlight or two in your dwelling place is generally a good safety measure. If the power ever goes out, it’s nice to have some artificial illumination so you don’t go drop kicking furniture with your toes. No matter how drunk or hungover you are, that hurts — bad. You could be like every other human on the planet and pick up a simple Walmart special. Or, you could let your geek shine and pick up a LEGO Dynamo Torch. Besides being ultra geeky, you never have to worry about batteries going bad when you need it most. The LEGO Dynamo uses a hand crank in place of batteries. Exercise and peace of mind, what more could you ask for? Head on over to the Neat Shop and plop down $23.95 for the privilege.

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  1. Mike says:

    The flashlight of nerds: The LEGO Dynamo Torch -> Gadgetsteria: (via @Gadgetsteria)

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