Update: iPhone OS 4.1 adds “jailbreak watermark”?


As many of you know, the new iPhone OS 4.1 update hit today. Besides a reworked signal meter, tweaked game center, and various bug fixes, it looks like Apple went ahead and added one nasty little surprise — a jailbreak watermark. Basically it just checks the phone to see if it is jailbroken. If it is, it leaves a digital watermark that is retained even after a complete “wipe” and re-install of the firmware. Further disturbing is that the watermark is easily discoverable by Apple service reps when performing iPhone repair work. If a watermark is present, there goes any hopes of help from Apple — even for a charge.

The new watermark, highlighted by Razorianfly, uses some basic encryption technology which hopefully isn’t hard to spoof or get around. Looks like Apple just lobbed the ball back into the jailbreaker’s court. Dev-Team: save us! Anyone have anything to share?


Looks like it isn’t going to be as bad as we thought. iOS 4 watermark isn’t the end of the world




  1. TreZn says:

    Watermark is fake it was sent out to freak out the weary jailbreaker’s out there. No one has get to find the watermark code or any new
    Encryption of any kind thus watermark = myth

  2. Pathfyndr says:

    Theres gotta be away to emulate a non-jb ios for 4.1 to be tricked, what is jb watermark looking at? lets spoof and emulate something to trick it.

  3. wannamobiles says:

    If I reset & erase all setting to remove the jail break. Will the watermark go away?

  4. Graftec says:

    It would seem to me that after the supreme court ruled that jailbreaking is not illegal that itself would make the action of watermarking by Apple illegal.

    Has anyone thought about this.

    • ANthony says:

      EXCELLENT observation Graftec! I believe you are correct but this watermark might be a rumor, update isn’t available yet in Canada but should be later today.

    • Tbag says:

      First off, from everything I’ve read from Jailbreaks like the DevTeam and the guy behind Jailbreak Me, the watermark is a hoax, something that has been rumored every release since the discovery of the ‘killswitch’, and While I agree with Graftec that it once the Almighty government deemed that Jailbreaking is legal Apple should have given up their fight and let people do what they want with the phone they bought with their own hard earned $300. But I don’t think that’s the case…Because while it’s not illegal Apple can still void your warranty for installing third party applications just as a manufacturer can void your warranty for opening a product. So if this watermark did exist it would just be there to show App store workers that your device is no longer under warranty

  5. Jesse Stay says:

    So has anyone said if the new jailbreakme.com gets around the 4.1 watermarking?: http://bit.ly/cnVO3j /cc @ryan

  6. iPhone OS 4.1 adds “jailbreak watermark” http://bit.ly/9ere3V Pls RT

  7. iPhone OS 4.1 adds “jailbreak watermark” http://bit.ly/9ere3V

  8. make sure you read this if you have a jailbroken iPhone and are upgrading to iOS 4.1: http://bit.ly/cJdtgT

  9. Update: iPhone OS 4.1 adds “jailbreak watermark”? ( http://bit.ly/bKislU )

  10. NOOOOOOO Apple added a new but very disappointing feature to iPhone OS 4.1 : JAILBREAK WATERMARK. :( T__T http://bit.ly/9ere3V

  11. iPhone OS 4.1 adds “jailbreak watermark”?: by Mike As many of you know, the new iPhone OS 4.1 update hit today. Be… http://bit.ly/bKOj7V

  12. Haashimm says:

    @MuscleNerd http://j.mp/cJdtgT is there any truth to this?

  13. Mike says:

    iPhone OS 4.1 adds "jailbreak watermark"? -> Gadgetsteria: http://bit.ly/9a2AjS (via @Gadgetsteria)

  14. derp says:

    “lobbied the ball” lol

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