Nokia Kinetic redefines all that is Nokia. Bonus: “Awakens” to alert you to new messages/calls.


What’s one of the most important features you buy a phone for? Now, ask yourself what you’d still like to see added to your phone of the future. Does a self-standing/awake-the-user type of thing interest you? I’ll stay away from the word “gimmick” for now, because if Nokia can pull of the Kinetic concept above and actually build in useful features, it’ll be pretty slick.

The basic idea is that when a new message or call comes in, the phone will gradually raise itself up — a clear sign that someone is trying to get a hold of you. When audible and vibration-based notifications fail to catch your attention, all we’ve really got left is sight, right? But if Nokia doesn’t perfectly execute a design like this, it’s going to reek of cheap dollar store calculator. (Come on, you know you’ve all had one of those calculators with the flippy LCD cover…)

Utility aside, so much focus on smartphones these days seems to be going towards ever thinner devices. With a very packed trunk on the Kinetic, do you think it would catch on? I’d give it a shot. You? ‘Nother diagram after the jump detailing this stand up phone…

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  • July 19, 2010 7:24 am
  • by: Mike
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  • Jordan

    That will be awkward when I’m out and about, and it starts to raise in my pants.

    Is that a Nokia in your pocket, or are you just really horny to see me?

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