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Android Wednesday: Samsung YP-MB2, New LivePrints Live Wallpaper, and new Froyo doubts on Milestone

First up — the Samsung YP-MB2. You can’t really tell much by blurry photo above, but if the few rumors that are floating around are to be believed, we’re looking at a Samsung Galaxy S sans phone capabilities. Basically, it’s an Apple-isque iPhone-to-iPod Touch type of deal. The YP-MB2 will feature the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor, Android 2.1, 4″ Super AMOLED display, WiFI, DMB, GPS, 3MP camera, and of course, access to the Android Market that the Galaxy S phone variants enjoy. I for one would highly welcome a Galaxy S sans cellular contract. Though the original argument for the iPhone and iPod Touch was because of the iPhone’s limited carrier support. The Galaxy S suffers from no such thing. Exciting to say the least.

But there’s more: A new cool Live Wallpaper (No, really! It’s seriously cool!) and new doubts surrounding the Moto Milestone’s Froyo future. So hop inside…

LivePrints Live Wallpaper

Hello…all four of you. If the Samsung YP-MB2 wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, have a gander at this little nugget — the LivePrints live wallpaper. Live wallpapers are a dime a dozen, with a fair chunk of them being merely “meh”. But everyone once in a while a unique one pops up on the grid. LivePrints is just that — unique.

Created by AndroidCentral reader, Leonardo, LivePrints is a live wallpaper with four main “themes” if you will: a coyote wandering aimlessly, bloody handprints staining your home screens, footsteps searching on a map, or any combination of previously mentioned options. The screen you see above shows off the “Footsteps searching on a map” and the endless, random adventure of the invisible man piloting the footprints. One nice touch is that when you tap on the screen or move icons, the footsteps (or bloody handprints for example) follow your input/movements. Creepy to some, amazingly awesome to others. It’s only ~$1.00 USD so there’s really not any reason you shouldn’t try it out for yourself! Check out the video of it in action below.

Video — LivePrints Live Wallpaper

Moto Milestone Froyo doubts/woes…

And now for some bad news. The Motorola Milestone may be more or less the same DROID that U.S. users have ripped open and customized to pieces, but the luck on the other side of the pond is far different. Most notably, the locked bootloader on the Milestone has created havoc for custom ROM developers whom have yet to actually get any custom mojo working on the device. At the very least, one would hope this still relevant phone would be receiving Froyo seeing as how the hardware is more than capable. But new dialog coming from Motorola is casting fresh doubts on that assumption.

Specifically, Motorola European Marketing Director, James King had this to say:

Next European Milestone and 2.2 (Froyo). I have expressed over the last few days that the decision is pending. The team here has been collating key pieces of information and views from this community in the last month and providing input to relevant teams in Motorola so they are aware. I am pushing for that decision to be made as quickly as possible, and we can then all go from there. Some others ask why the decisions on upgrades take so long, and why does implementation then take much longer still. What I can say and have stated recently is that upgrades are not a walk in the park.

Sure there are short cuts that people can take, but when you have to integrate software to a specific hardware, then test it and integrate with third party applications, let alone any innovation from ourselves, plus then get approvals to make this all official and safe… its is a big undertaking that requires planning and resource and third party coordination to see this all through. As I say, once we have decision, we will inform.” JK

The statement is certainly a blow to devoted Milestone users who have seen the greatness of Froyo yet sit with no official (or even unofficial) means of recourse. If custom roms could be flashed to the Milestone, it would be a pretty moot point — those who really wanted Froyo would have it. But seeing as how things haven’t progressed so well for 3rd party rom devs, the future of the Milestone isn’t looking so hot.

Of course, Google implementing a new rule banishing custom UI’s would help leaps and bounds. All of those custom skins while nice (some), take a considerable amount of development time to tweak with new updates. So much so that as newer generation updates are hitting, manufacturers with custom skins are still deploying updates based on previous generations of software.

There was a lot to take in, but what do you guys think? Will the Samsung YP-MB2 keep you from signing your life away for two years? Will the LivePrints live wallpaper adorn your homescreen? And Milestone owners: are you fed up with always seeming like a second, lesser loved child of Motorola? Vent your joys and concerns in the comments below…

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