Pnoe: Loud, Proud, and in charge. [Audio speakers]


What would you do/say/think the first time you walked into a room and saw a couple of Pnoe speakers flanking the walls? A well placed expletive would certainly highlight the magnitude of the situation. Hell, these speakers are huge! They’re called “Pnoe” speakers and are all the rage in Greece (where they’re manufactured) and several other countries on that side of the pond.

The Pnoe’s claim to fame is that due to their design and performance, they make a great set of speakers for large events. Of course, this is more a “hey, only use these in massive rooms or your ears will explode” rather than a simple suggestion. Per the manufacturer, Arcadian Audio:

The Pnoe speaker, being a large horn, is more suited to listening rooms with 3m or more distance between the listener and the speakers.

It’s simple physics — don’t buy these unless you have a great room of epic proportions and can always keep unassuming humans at least 10-15ft way. Because if you don’t, the Pnoe will mutilate their ears and probably make mush out of their brains. Just sayin. Oh, and some deep pockets would be nice too. Interested parties have to contact Arcadian Audio directly for any prices. Usually such methods of sales mean you won’t be buying these on a whim in your Kmart Blue Light special.

With all that said, I want six…

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