$1,800 Klingon Death Ray (UV Spotlight) unearths hidden oil in the gulf.

  • July 27, 2010 6:43 am

If the situation were any different, I would say hunting for oil (say on a stretch of the Edens Expressway in Chicago) with a massive $1,800 UV spotlight would be interesting, dare I say exciting. But in the case of the gulf coast oil disaster, that excitement is quickly overshadowed by the devastating effects the oil is bestowing upon the US landmass. But even with all of this disaster and destruction around us, nature has a way of showing of its beauty.

National Geographic photographer Chris Combs has gone through large areas of the gulf with that $1,800 UV spotlight (dubbed the “Klingon Death Ray”) mentioned above and captured some downright stunning, if not depressing, pictures of the the gulf coast oil spill. You see, oil glows a neon orangish-ish color under UV light, meaning a massive spotlight like the one Chris ported around is an easy way to spot oil — even if it’s been lightly covered up or reduced to small amounts.

The photoshoot of the gulf coast’s beaches is quite a site. Head on over to National Geographic and take a look.

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