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Get your social on: webOS Facebook 1.3 update now live.

Social bugs of the webOS universe, rejoice! The latest Facebook 1.3 update is now live. Besides the new number, selectable news feeds, revised photo tagging, landscape support, ability to clear multiple notifications, and access to fan pages are some of the more mentionable features.

If you want more to chew on, hop inside for a more thorough breakdown, compliments of the Facebook webOS team…
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Exactly what every nerd needs: 2-Kilovolt washer launcher.

There are some things we nerds like, want, and need. The first two we can manage to live without our entire lives and still die happily. The latter, however, pertains to vital things that we need to survive. Near the top of my list — the 2-Kilovolt Washer Launcher. Who knew launcher small metallic disks of death could be so much damn fun?

Hop on past to see the jolly good time, and watch a poor pop can have it’s life smashed short…

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Droid X gets first custom ROM detailed on video.

Within the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen Moto’s Droid X rooted and ripped open for the coding masses to see. It was a pretty big step, though ultimately not the one we really seek. That award goes to custom ROMs. What manufacturers and Google alike forget or neglect to include, 3rd party ROMs add into the mix and then some.

But Motorola’s use of the eForce chip told scary tales for rooting such phones and installing custom ROMs, (and to a lesser extent custom kernels…etc.). But alas, the Android community is tireless and determined. Introducing, the Droid X and it’s first working custom ROM. From the looks of things, it looks like it’s (obviously) the popular Sapphire ROM.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to sit tight a bit longer for the process and/or files to pull of this small feat ourselves. In the meantime, hop inside and watch this little ditty of a motion picture…

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Red vs. Green is no more: AMD kills ATI brand. New hardware to carry AMD name.

Well this is certainly a surprising thing to wake up to on a Monday morning…

The iconic, old as dirt battle between the Red Camp (ATI) and Green Camp (Nvidia) is no more. The move is sure to ruffle a few feathers. I myself am a bit peeved being an ATI-fan myself. Though in the grander scheme of things, I can see AMD’s point of view — with the upcoming Fusion chips being a hybrid of CPU and GPU, a unified brand is overall better for the public image.

Still, even taking that into account, it’s worth highlighting that no self respecting gamer is going to use integrated or “hybrid graphics”. They’re going to drop $100-$600 on a stand alone graphics card because that’s what gets the job done at the end of the day.

On that note, previously released products with the ATI moniker will remain as they are. However, new products from here on out will be “AMD” branded (ex: AMD Eyefinity). Furthermore, some good news was confirmed with this change. AMD has stated that new hardware due for release this fall will be the first hardware to take on the new Camp Green…II branding.

Through it all, the really sad part is that there won’t be any more Red vs. Green battles — AMD’s main color palette is comprised of green itself. A sad day for ATI fanboys indeed…
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Review: LivioRadio’s “Carmen”

In the year 2010, with all of the new fangled means of listening to music, radio is dead. Right? Mp3 players, iPods, smartphones, and web equipped cars are quickly eating into the realm that terrestrial radio once played. With so many more efficient means of consuming music, we have to ask: Why even bother with radio?

Some people simply like the more “social” or “personal” aspect a human DJ brings. For others, it’s a matter of still not possessing a device to play their own music. And then there’s people whom feel radio (and music in general) isn’t that important in their lives, and as such, how they get music doesn’t really matter.

But I think I’ve found one little gadget that could make the radio relevant and fun again — The Carmen, by LivioRadio. Hop inside to see just how one seemingly extinct technology can be made so relevant again…
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Sony is the only one that can Jailbreak their PS3s - Bollocks

Well, it was done, finally, the only device that has taken years to hack, the PlayStation 3. This beast was finally jailbroken a couple days ago and the company that was developing them couldn’t keep the orders filled. Every man woman and child out there that had $120-$170 extra bucks floating around probably had one on pre-order. Things were going great, until the Australian Federal Court got involved. Retailers through out the world have been ordered to stop the sale of this little Wonder Dongle.

Hold my hand into the dark cave to read more, I have candy in there…
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Epic 4G haz root before it’s even released!

Boy, don’t you love the determination and tenacity of Android developers? The Epic 4G looks to be Sprint’s new too-hot-to-trot Android device. With 4G, a nice display, and a slide-out qwerty that at least looks usable, I see nothing but “win”. Even better than 4G, a comfortable keyboard, and a pretty face is none other than rooting options.

Many times, a phone undergoes days, weeks, or even months of shackled existence before developers can unlock their souls. The Epic 4G — 0 days. That’s right. The Epic 4G has already been rooted. What that means is you can root and enjoy your new Sprint-powered beauty the day it comes out instead of needlessly waiting.

Thank the folks at SDX-Developers for the privilege. For now, the process is still slightly involved. But the devs are working on a more streamlined, average-user friendly option. Head on over to SDX-Developers if your curiosity gets the best of you…
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Commodore 64 reborn with Intel Atom and Core i7 processor.

To the joy of retro gamers everywhere, I bring you new, reborn Commodore 64. This isn’t the old 8-bit baby you played with back in the day. Instead, it’s finely tuned, retro-styled machine that blends old and new like none other. The new hotness can be attributed to Commodore USA finally getting the required licensing agreement to being recreating these classic gaming relics into two new models.

The first, lower end, “Commodore” model is powered by an Intel Atom 525 CPU, graphics powered by an NVIDIA Ion2 graphics, 4GB DDR3 memory, and 1TB of storage. Further adding to the awesomeness is HDMI, DVD/CD optical drive (Blu-ray optional), dual-link DVI, and six USB ports. In 2010, what self respecting gaming console/computer hardware is going to touch down without some form of wireless signal? That’s right — none. On that note, the new Commodores come packed with integrated 802.11n WiFi, bluetooth and a 6-in-1 media card reader.

The even more tantalizing higher-end “Commodore Pro” (Pictured) replaces the Atom processor with a exponentially better/faster/stronger 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, beefier graphics by way of a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, 2 TB hard drive, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM and BLU RAY to top it all off.

The only downside to the Commodore Pro model is that it doesn’t come wrapped in that nostalgic, yet admittingly horrendous beige 1980′s computer plastic that the stock Commodore model comes in. Though to some, that’s a blessing. Either way, retro gamers should be tickled that Commodore is jumping back into gaming, even if it is more of a niche product. But I’ll speculate that even a few new age gamers won’t be able to resist the classic design and image and modern power mashed up into one device. Look for pricing to drop in the not too distant future with release dates scheduled for “before Christmas”.

[Commodore USA]
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ATI 6870 benchmark leaked? 3D Vantage Score: X11963

Well isn’t this a nice little surprise for a Friday morning — ATI’s upcoming hardware gets the names and benchmark leak. On the naming front, “Cayman, Blackcomb, Barts, Whistler, Onega, Turks, Seymour and Caicos” look to be the tag names for the upcoming Northern Southern Islands hardware. Remember, Southern Islands is going to be a more mild refresh than originally planned because of ATI’s manufacturers skipping ahead to a smaller chip die ahead of ATI’s own schedule.

But if a leaked 3D Vantage benchmark turns out to be legit, Northern Islands and the 6xxx series cards are going to be pretty sweet. Take a gander at the X11963 3D Vantage benchmark. To put that in perspective, an Nvidia GTX 480 gets right around 10,000-ish and an ATI 5870 9000-ish. Clearly, there’s a visible improvement in performance.

For now, however, there isn’t any real weight behind this benchmark save for a few references withing GPU-Z that match up with card numbers in the latest ATI 10.8a driver release. Further adding to the skepticism, the effective GDDR5 memory speed is shown to be 6.4GHz — pretty freakin’ high. Either this card is a beast from the factory, this test sample is overclocked (then why leave core speed at 850?), or it’s fake.

As we all know, Photoshop is quite the tool these days. Many things can be faked. With that said, my fingers are crossed that such performance is indeed a real possibility with the upcoming 6xxx series.

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