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iOS Jailbreak ftw!!! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] V. 2.0 has been released that supposedly fixes the MMS and Facetime issues, head over to for a better server, and 2.0

Well, it is here, finally!!! After over a months wait, you can finally JB your iPhone 4 with no worries, or, any other jailbreak on iOS 4!!

Comex, the creator of the Spirit Jailbreak has released his highly anticipated iOS (all iDevices) jailbreak. This one is reminiscent to the old first gen iPhone jailbreak where it is accessed from Safari on the iPhone itself. Either way, it is easy, straight forward, and of course, AWESOME!!!

Just go to from the iPhone itself and you’ll follow the onscreen jailbreak. There is nothing else to it. I’d do it as soon as possible too since 4.1 is on the horizon and we would want to make sure we have our shsh blobs on file before the newest iOS firmware.

Anyways, enjoy if you have your iPhone 4, finally jailbroken… I know I will!!!

Oh, and so you know, there is a known issue from Comex regarding MMS/FaceTime, he has reproduced the issue, and is working on a fix. So, be patient and hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Head on over to iClarified for a tutorial, not that it is that hard ;)

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