And the Chevy Volt becomes priced out of relevance. Dealers mark up to $61,000+

  • August 4, 2010 3:17 pm

The Chevy Volt is one of those cars that manages to gain a fairly geeky image. While it’s green roots are what it’s most known for, electronics, gadgets, and complex science are never something to ignore. Unfortunately, GM utterly failed in delivering an “affordable” and dependable electric vehicle. Besides the actual price coming of of GM being a good $10,000 higher than what was expected, dealers themselves are showing their tried and true colors (read: Greedy green) by marking up the popular yet scarce hybrids by as much as $20,000, bringing the total after-tax-credit-price to $52,000.

I don’t know about you, but that has failure written all over it. Still, I have no doubt people will soak up the limited 10,000 vehicle run for this year. The situation is ironic given GM’s statements claiming they’d “watch for dealers overcharging customers for the Volt”. Too bad for GM it was overpriced to begin with. Adding more on top of it at the dealer level only makes it worse.

Anyone miffed/saddened?



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    RT @Gadgetsteria: And the Chevy Volt becomes priced out of relevance. Dealers mark up to $61,000