HTC Glacier a T-Mobile bound, dual-core Snapdragon speed demon? Project Emerald?


Salt shaker time!!!

Right now, the things that get mobile junkies going is talk of either the tried and true 1GHz Snapdragon processor or the rather new 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird CPU. Both are incredibly fast, with the latter also featuring a dedicated GPU chip. The former however is starting to grow a bit long in the tooth. With that said, some online benchmarks have popped up that show a reported “HTC Glacier” speeding past the rest, with a GLBenchmark 1.1 score of 1,432 frames. When compared to the other phones in the test, it’s pretty obvious to see something hot is being packed under the hood. Rumor has it that it’ll be the first dual-core Snapdragon phone running at 1.2-1.5GHz and is supposedly part of the often talked about “Project Emerald”.

Though, if we’re to be completely objective, we’ll point out that the Samsung Vibrant’s score isn’t too far off the supposed HTC Glacier. And that’s just with the Hummingbird CPU. Perhaps the Glacier isn’t using a dual-core after all and is instead making use of a slightly higher clocked, single-core Snapdragon? Of course, I’d much rather boast about the dual-core. I’m sure plenty of you out there in interweb land would also.

For now, this is pure speculation as the HTC Glacier hasn’t been announced, nor have any other details been found. But the strong evidence detailed by AlienbabelTech that links a T-Mobile “Senior Interaction Designer”, Mike Bibik, and these snappy speed tests all point to at the very least, an upcoming T-Mobile device that is very fast. Whether or not this is part of or is Project Emerald is anyone’s guess at this point. All we can do now is queue the timer. Let the waiting game begin…

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