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Producing shady iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories? Watch out, Apple’s a comin’

In a move that shouldn’t surprise many, it has come to light that Apple is finally unleashing the legal hounds on several iPhone/iPod/iPad accessory manufacturers for producing “sub-par” quality accessories. One example given by the lawsuit cites a case where an iPod user bought a third party battery charger from one of the defendants only to have the charger worsen his battery life. So far, there are over 20 different defendants named in the lawsuit.

As many of us have experienced over the years, getting that extra $5-$10 of an accessory doesn’t always lead to “value”. You know how it is — you get what you pay for. In Apple’s case, their accessories tend to be higher priced. But part of that is because Apple requires a 20-25% royalty on any products that are “officially licensed” with Apple’s seal of approval. Naturally, that cost gets passed along to consumers.

Regardless of how many companies are found guilty in this initial lawsuit, Apple’s gadgets are a hot ticket item world wide, with knock-off companies and accessory companies alike churning out new products faster than you can blink an eye.

It just goes to show that Apple’s own motto — “Our way or the high way” — is practiced in everything they do. Though in this case, they at least have some consumer interests at heart. No one wants a shoddy case…

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