Beatles on iTunes: “Don’t hold your breath”.


Oh geeze. Another “When are the Beatles coming to iTunes” posts? Well, I haven’t actually written one yet, so I’m in the clear. But on that note of Beatles and iTunes, we do have to ask: What’s the holdup? According to a fresh Reuters posting all of the involved parties can’t reach a legitimate deal. Someone isn’t getting as much money as they feel entitled to. That’s what it really boils down to. It’s sad too. While I can’t stand the Beatles (Go on, rake me over the coals…), I understand millions of people do and would love access to their songs. Seems it just isn’t meant to be.

In the Reuters article linked above, Yoko Ono is quoted as saying “Don’t hold your breath” in regards to the Beatles coming to iTunes anytime soon. Apparently, the band isn’t quite yet comfortable with this digital thing and is instead, “holding out”. Right. We’ll see how that works for ya.

Oh well. Let’s not kid ourselves. Most everyone who wants the Beatles in a digital format has already copied their physical vinyl/CD’s into digital form or has pirated it. The only people really losing out are the Beatles, labels, and anyone else who has a hand in this impasse.

Have you taken matters into your own hands getting the Beatles digi-fied?



  • August 6, 2010 7:16 am
  • by: Mike
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  • Mike

    RT @Gadgetsteria: Beatles on iTunes: "Don't hold your breath". ->

  • Private Pepper

    @ Yucko Ono: America expects you to keep your promise. We’ve had enough of the Beatles. It’s 2010 not 1968. Lock it all up and NEVER let us hear about them (or you) again. Deal?!?

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