Early TweetDeck for Android beta leaked. “Official” beta coming tomorrow, 8/12.

  • August 11, 2010 2:17 pm

Well well well. That gloriously tasty looking TweetDeck Android app we talked about yesterday has found one of its early builds leaked (Download here). Based off of an early pre-review by Android Central, they note the app’s nicely styled UI, but knock it for it’s “waterfall approach” to grouping multiple account updates in one column. (Mind you, @username updates and DM’s are separate. Multiple accounts’ status updates such as Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, etc. are grouped together…to clear up any confusion.)

However, I have been begging for a social app like TweetDeck to support a host of social networking accounts *and* put them all in one view. With a total of 5 accounts that need to be simultaneously logged on, I don’t want to have to jump between account views. Thankfully TweetDeck looks to please.

But there’s even better news. Fresh off news that an early build of TweetDeck has been leaked, TweetDeck’s official Twitter account pushed out the update you see above — TweetDeck beta is coming to Android tomorrow! I’m stoked. Who’s going to be refreshing their Android Market app throughout the day…?

Are you going to jump on it early or wait for the real deal?

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