RIAA and friends propose the newest, dumbest idea ever: Legally mandated FM radios in cellphones.


Just when you think the RIAA and friends couldn’t become any more idiotic, incompetent, downright retarded, they go and out do themselves. The latest mad grab for money (and attempt to prop up their dying business model) is to use the US government to mandate that all cellphones be legally required to contain FM radio transmitters. At first, the idea seems somewhat novel and perhaps even useful in a few rare circumstances. That is, until reality sets in. There are already plenty of radios and antennas running amuck inside of your standard cell/smartphone, eating batteries and fighting against each others’ wireless waves to boot. Jamming in another — yeah, no thanks. Not to mention, if it comes down to having to fit in an FM transmitter or 4G radio, guess which one I and pretty much ever other consumer is going to vote for. Sorry radio.

The guise these monopolistic and incompetent companies use to rationalize this all is “more choice for consumers”. But then it become apparent — customers have already chosen the do not want, or don’t care about FM in phones. It’s been included in countless phones over the years, touted as the holy coming of mobile goodness. Take a look at all of the top phones that actually sell. Yup, no FM radio. The real reason is an age old motivator: money. Lots of money.

Radio is one of those services that is bound to get fucked. In reality, they shouldn’t be paying for the music they play. Hell, they’re doing artists, writers, composers, etc. a favor by promoting their music to millions of listeners. Yet it is the insatiable quest for more money that continues to drive companies such as the RIAA to ruin every service, product, and market they enter. Admit it. The whole idea that radios should pay to promote someone else’s work is so bassakwards. But such is the world we live in…

So it is with much eye rolling, laughter, and utter disbelief that I commend the RIAA and friends to commandeering the most ridiculous excuse for a business in the year 2010 — legally mandated FM radios in cellphones.


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  • August 16, 2010 11:38 pm
  • by: Mike
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