Solar panels of the future to be sprayed on.

  • August 18, 2010 10:20 am

When people talk of vast solar farms in 2010, the common image that penetrates our minds is that of a massive piece of land housing thousands, if not tens of thousands of individual solar panels. It’s certainly a site to behold. Even much smaller scale farms look immense when a birds eye view is taken. But a new technology will drastically cut down how big a solar panel is and how it’s made. Not only that, it will change what solar panels are… (Hint: Spray on tan)…

EnSol, a Norwegian-based company, is perfecting a solar film spray that they say can be applied to any glass. The result is a solar panel that is in many ways better than current options. What’s even cooler to think about is that if glass can be made into make shift solar panels, what else can? Heck, if we can spray solar sucking material on any object/surface you choose, solar power usage will skyrocket.

For now, EnSol is hoping to have their prototype spray-on solar panels operating at a minimum of 20% efficiency and operational in the global market by 2016.



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  • Arvind

    Solar panels being used for many years now, but cost of production to have own solar powered generator at your own home typically very high but the efficiency low, making them largely ineffective source of energy.