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We’ve got a couple of important Android stories to update you on this fine Thursday afternoon. Without any fibble fabble, let’s get right to it. First up, Droid Incredible users: a leaked build of Android 2.2 (Froyo) is available from shipped-roms. I don’t have an Incredible myself to test it on, so you’re on your own. While shipped-roms has seen some legal trouble in the past, it wasn’t for any nefarious means. A few manufacturers were a bit peeved that shipped-roms was distributing…well…ROMS. Looks like they got that little quarrel are squared away. Anywho, those of you with a Droid Incredible should give the new update a shot if you really like living on the edge.

**For a step-by-step process of updating your DI to Froyo, hit up this post over at Droid-Life.

Moving on, many weeks back we talked a little about an Android device called the “Glacier”. It popped up on a benchmark spreadsheet online with blazing fast speeds that literally decimated the competition. Unfortunately, we knew nothing else. Guess what? The underlying hardware is back and bringing a known friend with it — the G2…

The Qualcomm MSM7x30 chipset is indeed a newer generation of Snapdragon processor. The real meat of this hardware isn’t necessarily the processor clock speed as much as it is the much improved Adreno 205 GPU. In regards to the G2, the specific processor is the MSM7230, a 1GHz Adreno 205-packin’ beast. So much for the “low-end” image.

Current Snapdragon-powered devices are starting to look downright archaic next to newer hardware such as Samsung’s “Hummingbird processor” or TI’s OMAP processor — both of which have stand alone GPU’s that smoke the current Snapdragon’s. It’s almost to the point that shipping with a Snapdragon processor is a joke because of such terrible (relatively) graphics performance. Now that we’ve got a face on those benchmarks from a few weeks back, however, the G2 takes on a whole new light.

In lieu of this new information, is the G2 starting to look a bit more lust worthy? Toss in the belief that the G2 is shipping sans Sense UI — Stock Android baby! — and you’ve got yourself a winner that won’t break the bank.




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