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AMD 6300 and 6870 images leaked!

AMD’s 5xxx series of graphics cards made their debut in the 2nd half of 2009. Since then, they’ve completely padded their GPU lineup from top to bottom. Nvidia, meanwhile, took a while to match their DirectX11 offering with that of their own. And when they did, they were overpriced for the rather slight difference in performance as well as putting off copious amounts of heat. Prices have dropped, however, making Nvidia’s DirectX11 cards worth another look. Not to mention, Nvidia has hit a sweet price-to-performance balance with the GTX 460 cards. In SLI, these cards are pretty awesome and can keep up with CrossFireX’d 5850′s and 5870′s — impressive for sure!

How will AMD respond? We already know the 6xxx series is due out in some form before 2010 rolls into 2011. With that said, Chiphell has leaked several pictures claimed to be the upcoming 6300 and 6870 AMD GPU’s. Spec-wise we don’t have anything to chew on. But at this point I’m more than wiling to simply oogle and drool. Hop in for a few more shots…


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