MSI N480GTX the fat yet speedy king of graphics cards, consumes 450w for it’s full 512 cores.


For several months after Nvidia released the 4xx series of graphics cards, the price was high enough that the minimal increase in performance wasn’t really worth it. Thankfully, over the last few months we’ve seen prices drop pretty substantially to the point where it’s finally a better decision (financially) to pick up an Nvidia card. You could be frugal, or, your could go balls to the wall with MSI’s upcoming NGTX480. The “N” signifies that this card is unlike any other. It makes use of the full 512 cores of the Fermi GF100 architecture. Previous benchmarks of a full 512-core card have shown some pretty minimal improvements. But MSI claims more is to come…

…more power and more power consumption that is. If the 480-core version is a competition eater, then the 512-core version is the fat dude at your local buffet. This is all thanks to two power configurations: (2) 8-pin plugs for the GPU and (1) 6-pin plug for the memory. As it stands now, the card will also be available in a 8+6+6 configuration as well. Either way, 450w for a single graphics card is insane! (Not to mention, it’s over the PCI spec limit.) But honestly, the “limit” of the spec has been around for a while. As hardware gets more sophisticated and powerful, it’s only a matter of time before new requirements and guidelines are needed.

Besides astonishing power requirements, the NGTX480 by MSI also features a redesigned 5-pipe heat cooler (copper) and dual 9cm fans as well as a PCB board that is 100% custom specifically for this card. If it’s more you crave, check out Bright Side of News for the more technical verbiage.



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