Shocker: Warner Bros. doesn’t like Apple’s new cheaper rental plans.


For those who prefer renting to purchasing movies or TV episodes, Apple’s announcement regarding the new AppleTV and rental-only business model likely made you jump for joy in the streets. Right from the start, a slew of big name companies were on board except one — Warner Bros. While they’re not the only kind on the block, they’re certainly a major player. So it’s with great disappointment that I ruin you, the rental-loving readers’ day. Warner Bros WILL NOT be renting out shows on the new AppleTV. Apparently, they hate money. Contrary to what they’ll claim of course.

You see, their greed is repulsive. They think the tens of millions hundreds of millions they would make with an iTunes $0.99 rental plan isn’t enough. That’s fine. Warner Bros. Execs and shareholders think they’re helping their bottom line when in fact they’re hurting it. Instead of people getting the content they want and how they want on their AppleTV, many will instead fire up their torrent app of choice and get the episode and possibly the entire season for free. You see Warner Bros. (and every other big media company who put greed over consumers), when you screw over consumers, they screw you back. Have fun with that…


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  • September 17, 2010 1:07 pm
  • by: Mike
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  • Dirk

    Your avg consumer will most likely Netflix or Red box a movie or tv show as opposed to downloading via torrent. Most people still think a leech is a blood sucking creature…..

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